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Monday, October 31, 2016

Mia and the pink sling bag - A true to life horror story

When I was younger, I received a pink sling bag gift from a family's friend (we considered a grandma). The bag was such a pretty one. I can still recall that it has a kitty print and some girly stuff. I was not able to use it in school (I was about to enter college that time). I then let my sister use it.

Here's Mia, my younger/baby sister. This pic was taken recently.
I am not sure if this is the pink sling bag.
Mia (I call her Yang) was a member of the school's cheering team and they were having series of practice at night in preparation for the University-wide competition. She usually goes home at around 10pm. To keep her energized, she brings with her food/ baon - rice and viand in a Tupperware container with spoon and fork.

About five days before the competition, Yang used the pink sling bag. They were conducting their practice sessions in the school's covered court. They were chanting the last lines of their cheers and executed the hand movements. 'That's all for today', said their coach. 'You can all now go home and rest!'.

Yang was giggling with her friends as they walk through the corridors of the school. The premises started to be filled with chatters from other members of the cheering squad. The lobby was already dark since lights were already turned off. She held her bag and heard the sound of the spoon/fork clinking while walking. They already finished their meals after practice. She looked back on the lobby for she saw something unusual. She told herself it was just her imagination.

The school is walking distance from our house so she decided to just walk. There are only few people in the street and the night's breeze started to be uncomfortably cold. She continued to walk with her hand holding her pink sling bag since the fork/spoon were making some clinking sounds. She frequently checks on the clouds up high and gazed on how some stars twinkled in the dark sky.

After around three to five minutes, she reached the roadway to our house (to the right). The ground was not yet concrete (rocky road) and the area was dim-lighted with the reflecting lights from our neighbor's house. She walked in steady pace (around 15 meters from the main road) and she sighted our then wooden gate. When she reached the point where she needs to turn right, she suddenly could not move! The pink sling bag was moving by itself! She can hear the clinking sounds of the spoon and fork accelerating. She panicked. She exerted more effort so she can run. She finds herself running in the same spot.

The sling bag started to rise as if a force was pulling it from above but it was still attached to her body. She was filled with so many emotions - fears and anxiety. She ran faster but could not leave the same spot. She started to feel exhausted. She saw the bag rising up above on its own so she grabbed it by her right hand and prayed so hard, very hard. She then hit our wooden gate which was left un-locked and this collided with the wall of the adjacent dilapidated house. This caused a bang!

Our Nanay was startled and got up from bed to check on Yang. When she entered the house, Yang angrily threw the sling bag on the bed. She was shaking and shivering from the incident. She felt drained with energy. It was the most horrifying experience she had. Our mother followed her upstairs to ask what happened. She could not utter a word at first. After some time, she explained and our Nanay pacified her by saying that it might be just her imagination. She must be tired and needed to take some rest.
From that time forward, she is no longer using the pink sling bag. She told  me the story in Dumaguete, during the University week when they competed for the Cheer Leading competition. I believed her.
What do you think? Would you consider that a supernatural encounter? Look around you, do you see things that others do not?
Whether it was just her imagination or a supernatural encounter, I know we are living in a world where not all can be explained by science or logic. What matters most is that we stay firm on our faith and use prayer to defeat the enemy.
Happy Halloween!
- Antonia
(I can feel my hair raising and goosebumps forming while I write this blog. Worse, I am alone in the apartment. Liz is on her way from Pasay.) 

P.S. I secured permission from my sister to post her story.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

How about a buko a day? Will it also keep the doctor away?

I turned off my desk's computer and started to pack my things. It's 8:30am and I am ready to go home. I am happy to leave the office earlier than usual and wrap up the first day of work for the week, satisfied with my performance. Char!

I am chirping like a bird as I walk towards the elevator. I need to pass through the sidewalks of Landmark to reach the jeepney waiting area. The streets are already busy with people from different walks of life and a LOT of vehicles. I lined up in a quite long queue of passengers - I think I am in the 15th. The barker started to collect 7php. I was smiling then he stopped in front of me and announced that the next batch need to wait for the next jeep. Whooaa?? Just my luck! My smile turned into a pout and I patiently waited for the next one.

As usual, traffic is heavy during this time of the day - majority is in a hurry to go to work and some are eager to go home. It has been 30mins since the jeep departed from the area. I am literally stuck in the traffic and I can hear co-passengers complain. Other passengers whose offices are within walking distance from where we are, opted to go down and hike. I started to feel iritated and restless  with heat,  pollution and honking of horns. Other passengers are just sleeping in their seats.

At last, we have reached the JP Rizal street. My mood was replaced with excitement and glee when I sighted Manong's Buko cart! After battling with traffic and heat, I deserve a healthy and refreshing drink for 30php plus the buko meat! (I admit, I can buy buko for 10php in the province or ask someone to pick one for me fresh from a coconut tree.) 

The sun's heat is getting intense even if it is still 9am. I need to stay hydrated with an entire buko! Manong skillfully whipped his bolo to open the buko (young coconut) and poured the water in a plastic bag. With a flexible knife (not sure if it is just improvised), he scraped the tender buko flesh and placed it in the plastic to join the water. In my head, I can imagine myself clapping like a child.

I learned that its water has the following benefits:
  • Vitamin C and B Complex, Calcium, Potassium, manganese and magnesium
  • It is fat and Cholesterol free!
  • Soothes urinary tract infection and it is a urinary antiseptic
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, it can also kill intestinal worms
  • Helps in reducing risk of kidney stones
  • Improves blood circulation and balances blood sugar
  • Aids in weight loss and helps achieve hydrated, glowing skin!
  • Boosts metabolism and aids in easy digestion.
The buko meat is also a good source of vitamin A, E and known to help reduce level of bad cholesterol. I am a rice-lover and I would tend to have more than 1 serving in a meal. With the buko meat, I am able to reduce rice intake and have it as a substitute. I am so proud of that!

What are you waiting for? Visit the nearest buko cart in your location and grab one or two now! Stay hydrated! 

Back to my routine -- I decided to take tricycle to reach my place for 16php. In some days when the weather is not so hot, I also opt to walk through the wet market. I arrived with a smile and sparkling eyes, ready to take my lunch and some beauty rest.

Lesson for today: whenever you are in a not-so-good situation, think of positive thoughts. Just smile and you will surely survive the day!

Smiling while sipping buko juice,


Friday, October 28, 2016

I thank God for second, third and nth chances

Posted: May 22, 2008 | 5:02 PM Pacific Time
Place: Near Freedom park, Kagawasan Avenue, Dumaguete City.

7:00 in the morning when the alarm signals of my phone woke me up. huh?! I don't feel well and I want to spend this whole day sleeping. I hate this cough/colds duo! uugghh! I can hardly breathe with this colds and it seems I want to vomit every time I cough. Unfortunately, I need to go on with my daily routine. (sobbing)

On my way to school, I had my boardmate with me. We were just talking about the enrollment hassles, another problem that bothered my mind (exaggerated long queues, very hot weather, etc). We continued to talk when I suddenly walk across the street without minding the jeepney rushing towards me. I shivered but continued to walk in a faster pace. There was commotion inside the vehicle! I was about to be hit! It was very near..

When I reached the other side of the road, my eyes widened and my mouth slight open in shock looking at my boardmate. I was relieved knowing that she did not follow me. It seems that my head spins when I think of what will happen if she crossed the street. (I was so clumsy!). This day is one of those clumsy days I have in my stay here in Dumaguete. I hate busy streets. I am always hesitant to cross the street thus causing panic inside of me especially if there are vehicles approaching (there were no traffic lights on that area).
---At this moment while I'm sharing this story, I look back to the incident that took place just an hour ago. I am wearing this tight pencil skirt and it is hard to walk fast with this. I am wondering how I managed to cross the road without being hit. The jeepney was so close and I never thought I can still escape from it. But here I am, still breathing -- ready to take the long queues of students for the enrollment and kicking to start another day.
Someone carried me. He had just carried me awhile ago and He will always carry me. Now as I contemplate on things, I realize, it is better to have this yucky colds and cough than to be in a not-good-to-imagine scene. It is better to be burdened with this itchy throat than causing worries to my parents. I'd rather care to bring ply of tissue than to be covered with bandages. I'd rather fight with this simple summer illnesses than to see my parents and loved-ones fighting with me for survival. Pardon me, but my imaginations have gone so far - so dark.
I can survive this!!
I thank God for giving me chances to realize that every single thing that happened to me and every petty suffering is just speck compared to His wonderful blessings. I must thank Him for an opportunity to live this wonderful life in the fullest. I thank him for endowing in me chances to live. I thank Him now, tomorrow and always..

- Antonia


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life is all about Loving its every detail

Date Posted = May 21, 2008
Time = 6:55 PM (PDT)
The series of seminar/workshops that the PYLON, official graduates yearbook of Negros Oriental State University System, conducted catered an avenue for the PYLONites to learn more on their fields and even refresh the learnings of old staff. In the Creative Writing Department, our lecturer urges the participants to make a feature article or any with the theme: 'how could you make something beautiful?' The following composition is one of the articles I made during the activity. Let me share my thoughts with you guys!

Life is all about Loving its every detail
Antonia B. Gorneo
I can still vividly recall the very moment I first step on the grounds of Negros Oriental State University. I know my life in this new home will be a lot different. A glimpse on the institution’s edifice stimulates a vision of how difficult will be my struggle here. Its gateways flashes a picture into my mind- a mob of students with diverse personalities and with varying aspects of life- a view that triggers my weakness and cowardice in facing the real world. The moment fills my entire being with uncertainties. With the course I am on which requires extreme hard work, I am carrying additional burden and pressure. Nevertheless, as I gaze at the uncertainties, I pulled out the last ounce of courage and determination in me. I decided to believe in my dreams and I know the paths I have to pass through will be a lot more beautiful if I’ll love every aspect of it.

As I started to live my student life in ways I am not used to, my eyes are unveiled with the realities of life. I gradually discover the very reason in my every undertaking- from waking-up early, preparing for school all by myself, taking meals all alone, doing the laundries up to accomplishing school works while scrutinizing how to spend every peso in my limited budget. I have to find new friends and buddies to share my time with. I got a number of things to do in order to succeed and adapt with the environment I am dwelling in. I know I need to cope and pass through all of these rudiments to survive.

I experienced suddenly bursting out in tears while I’m making home works. At one time, I find it so hard to understand the lessons then I found myself asking my classmates for a group study. I feel so left behind the group of intellectuals in our college. I started to assume that it’s my intellectual capability gradually failing or maybe I am never that intelligent.
I am badly missing my family- the times we shared together and the comfort of a home. I don’t want this feeling of emptiness to overwhelm me because I know I am doing this for them and for our future. I have to be tough enough to withstand the feeling, tougher than the roughness of the kind of living I am in to.

I am in the process of adjusting with the new world I am in. I am doing everything to prove that I was not wrong in transferring and pursuing my dream of becoming an accountant. I know that if I’ll start to regret and back-out, it will be my greatest failure- not only mine, but also of my entire family and the people loving me.

University life is indeed a whole thing different from the happy-go-lucky high school years. Life may be topped with unpleasant stuffs. Those are undesirable ones that every rational human can never flee from. Though things may be rough, the experiences will be worth reminiscing if one touches every element of it with passion.
Now, I just smile as I look back at the difficulties I had. No matter how rude and unpleasant experiences turn out, the best way to find its beautiful side is to love every detail of it. At the end of the struggle, you’ll prove that love will always keep you alive!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Rub Ribs & BBQ to spice up my weekend

I am living alone and away from home since I started working here in Makati. During weekends, I love to stay indoors and watch movies, surf the net. Most of the time, I spend my weekend alone except when I attend The Feast with Marker (my friend) or when I go out with Liz (my friend/bhouse neighbor).

My favorite singles with buttered veggies as side dish.
You would say I am boring and less adventurous and I tell you, I think I have reached my quota for 'Me Time'. Mind you, not all of us has enjoyed 'Me Time' and for sure some are craving to have some time alone.

Wait, let us not dwell on my boring side. There is one thing that I want you to know that has added spice to my weekend - enjoying good food (really delicious food) in Rub Ribs & Bbq Makati.

Tito William and Tita Jo loved the ribs!  
Just this Sunday, I visited them and ordered my all time favorite: Singles (rib) with buttered vegetables!

I have also introduced the place to some of my friends and they all enjoyed the ribs. I think Rub Ribs should give me Suki Card for always dining in their resto. I actually add that suggestion in their surveys. They provide a tablet gadget so diners can enter their reviews after the dining experience.

With Mariane. It was her first time! She also had a take-out. Thumbs up!
I love their fruit shakes (milk-based) as well as their house-blend iced tea. One of the staff informed me that they decided to offer iced-tea in single serving (Php45) to address the requests of customers taken from surveys. Perharps next time they will also give a suki card. Hahaha!

The place is not that big and they are only using the first floor for customers. The space is enough to accomodate patrons and guests who celebrate Birthdays/anniversaries in the resto, get-togethers, or those who take meals after Sunday mass.

I have taken shots on some of their menu highlights. Ofcourse, you can visit their facebook page: RUB Ribs & BBQ.

One of their wall decorations says: People who love to eat are always the best people. I hope you can also visit the place soon and experience the mouth-watering dishes. Also, they offer the food in affordable prices!

One of the best people in the world,

Sunday, October 23, 2016

THIS IS NOT OUR WEDDING | Coronation of Miss San Juan 2012 (Money-contest pageant)

I think this is an awkward pose. Haha! 
June 2012 - Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. It was around 1:30PM and Mr Sun is on its peak, happily blazing its rays. I was standing in the entrance of the old Admin office, observing how the scorching heat of the sun absorbs the last remaining moisture on the ground. A couple of dump trucks and vehicles were passing by causing dust to spread like crazy. I was squinting my eyes on the thought that I need to walk on that same ground. 'Five minutes more', I said to myself.

The place is a sugar-manufacturing millsite. Behind me was the Human Resources and the Cane Supply Offices where Sugarcane planters, truck drivers as well as applicants were bound to. The two offices have separate doors situated beside each other (left side) and on the center, a hand-punch (biometrics reader) machine was placed where employees lined up to register their time for the day.

I was wearing my shirt-jock type white uniform and a fitted black skirt. I paired it with a chunky-heeled sandals (3inch I think). I started to walk onto the shaded sidewalk with an umbrella in the right hand and raffle tickets on the left. The sidewalk extends around 150 meters, enough for me to reach the scrapyard of the Materials Control Warehouse. I needed to walk under the umbrella withstanding the heat of the afternoon sun until I will reach the main sugar Factory (est 150 meters). There are portions (10%) of the road which were not yet concrete so my heeled sandals were struggling.

I needed to distribute the raffle tickets for the upcoming Miss San Juan 2012 (money-contest pageant). I was chosen as the representative of the company in relation to Barangay San Juan's patronal fiesta. It has been the tradition in the area. It was my second year in the company and though I thought I was 'forced' to join, deep-inside, I really want to enjoy the experience.

This is the place. The picture was taken during Sportsfest
I reached the factory gate and exude my charming smile to the guard-in charge to let me in. Haha! I entered the offices inside the factory and requested (somehow forced) the office heads to purchase the raffle tickets for Miss San Juan 2012 pageant. The candidate with the highest money will be crowned as that year's queen. The proceeds will be used in patronal church's projects and there were also prizes for the raffle winners. There were five participants (from different barangay and sitios) and it was somehow expected that the company will remit the highest amount. Lucky me! I met suppliers and traders in the millsite and they generously bought tickets.

It was an exhausting yet productive afternoon! I needed to go back to work for the remaining hours. One more problem is: how will I convince Bryan to be my escort? He did not approve to the idea and it will be his first time to join such event. He had no choice but to be my escort or we will find someone else!

June 24, the day of the 'pageant'. We learned that we won with whooping 12,000 php(estimated) proceeds. The coronation was held in the evening and participants needed to join a parade in the afternoon. We were in a multi-cab and Barangay people splashed water (expected to be clean)  towards us while we toss some candies.

The coronation night came and I was in a white gown while Bryan was in his tuxedo. Apparently, we were not comfortable with the outfit (it was really body-fitting). We looked like we were going to our wedding!

Unexpectedly, the experience was so much fun! Bryan started to smile while we were on stage and he was game when we need to dance in the basketball court with the rest of the pairs. The area was graced with several Barangay constituents and guests.

We felt like royals and celebrities! Haha! We were positioned on the stage - I was sitting on the 'royal' chair, while Bryan was just standing holding a fan made of paper. It was so humid that night so we were sweating. Nonetheless, we enjoyed every presentation the organizers prepared for us - kids' dance number, couple song number, speeches and the most awaited Balak (in Bisaya) (English: spoken poetry).

Yes, Bryan is holding a fan made of paper!
To sum it up, the experience was unforgettable and priceless. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a provincial scene. It was an experience that I will cherish forever and will proudly story-tell to my future children and grandchildren.

No matter where I am, I will keep its lesson: Enjoy every moment of your life! My past has already been written on the palm of my hands. The experiences molded the kind of person that I am today. Thank you San Juan and URC-Sonedco for the experience.

Here are some pictures!

Mam Joy (HR Manager) assisted in the coronation with the Former Queen - Kaye Basilio.

I felt like a princess. Haha But the gown was really body-fitting (hard to breath).

Meet my King, Bryan.

It was a surprise! We were not informed that we will be dancing! Look, the rest of the candidates are very young. I was 23 and Bryan was 31 that time.

We were enjoying the dance. Look! The venue was filled with so many spectators.

What do you think about our outfit?

Reminiscing happily,

Episode 3 Learning Visayan Dialect: Expression (Ekspresyon or Pagpahayag)

Hello Everyone! Today, I will introduce to you some Visayan Expressions. This is the third episode of the Series - Learning Visayan Dialect.

The following will show how we say some expressions. The word 'Expression' is 'Pagpahayag' or simply 'Ekspresyon' in Binisaya.

Take Care

I am Sorry
Pasaylo-a ko

Thank you

You are welcome
Walay Sapayan

I miss you
Gimingaw ko nimo

I like that!
Ganahan ko ana!

I like you
Ganahan ko nimo

I care for you
Palangga ko ikaw / Palangga tikaw

I love you
Gihigugma ko ikaw/ Gihigugma tikaw

Wow! That's really fun! I hope you learned something today. I hope to you see again in the next session.

Video demonstration for this episode will follow soon.

Take Care. Ayo ayo! Amping kamo!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

5,249 new CPAs in October 2016 (Let me tell you my story)

OCTOBER 2011 - Iloilo City. I hailed a taxi from the city's port and climbed couple flight of stairs to reach the PRC office. I was so pissed off and disappointed that I did not mind the long queue of professionals. I stormed through the office and found the correct counter where I can raise my complaint. I called out the staff and with a very intense tiger-look on my face, I showed her the printed results of the CPA Board exam and shouted: 'My name was misspelled!! I have a very simple name and yet you can't encode it right??!!' I was so furious that I can feel my face turned burgundy-red and my eyes burning with emotions.
PRC erroneously misspelled my name in the list of CPA Board exam passers last 2011.

-- NO NO! Erase, erase. Fortunately, this scene ofcourse DID NOT happen. This is just what I imagined that I will do after the CPA Board exam result was released last October 2011.
Again again again - Let me tell you the story. I hailed a taxi from the city's port and lined up with the rest of the professionals who needed to transact with PRC Iloilo. It was around 7:30AM and the guard-in-charge was already distributing priority numbers. The office was a two-story building made of semi-concrete materials (as far as I can remember). I had Priority #53 and I was standing on the first step of the building's two-flight stairs.

I woke up around 3AM that day to prepare and board a fastcraft from Bacolod City around 5:30AM. Back to the long queue - I was holding a plastic envelope with the needed requirements. I think it took me around an hour to reach the office's door and I gracefully walked onto the counter. I smiled sweetly to the staff and explained that I need my name to be corrected in the PRC Records, PRC license/ID and on the PRC database.
I can never do what I have imagined. I am so blessed and I would never have complained. Though I am still open to the very slim chance that it was not me who passed the exam (someone out there is Antonio Bairoy Gorneo), my faith is so firm that I got it this time!
CONFIRMED! I passed the CPA Board Exam last October 2011. My journey towards reaching the dream was so steep and bitter-sweet. Until now, every time PRC releases the list of passers for the year, I always feel so emotional and so proud. All the emotions and experiences I have been through during the review keep flashing back.
- Do you know what's fulfilling? It is when I browse through the results and find the name of one of my students way back 2012/2013. In 2016, I am so happy to know that one of the former students (Fellowship Baptist College) passed the exam: Dannah Kim Cruspero. 
Like what I shared in my previous post - To those who were not able to make it this time, there is a reason and a season for everything. Strive harder, never give up. After all the struggle and sacrifice, you will eventually get to hold that most coveted 3-letter suffix and you will savor success in its sweetest taste/form.
Here are the list of CPA Board exam passers for October 2016:

Never give up on your dreams. Keep going on!

Always hopeful,


(One year ago, October 22 2011, CPA Board exams results were released.)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sending love and smiles to children with illness around the world

Each of us has his/her own canvass to paint. Every day, we are faced with this empty canvass and we are surrounded with all the paints in bright and dull colors, glitters and other art materials. It is up to us what color to choose and what decorations we will put in our canvass.

This canvass is our life. We are all given the artist's freedom to paint, sketch and doodle. Our lives are embellished with different colors and accessories - one day yours is glittery, the other day it's gloomy as gray. What colors will you choose? 

This week, me and my officemates (friends) chose to paint our canvass with bright and inspiring colors. We chose to send love and smiles to children all over the world who are diagnosed with chronic illness.

This week, we chose to let the bright colors and glitters on our canvass shine through half-way around the world. We handcrafted greeting cards to say 'Hello', impart our childhood stories, share our dreams in life, describe a favorite super hero and draw smiles to a number of kids in UK.

So happy to give you a glimpse on some of the greeting cards:
Thanks to Dondon Tugas for facilitating the event.

This is my first set of greeting cards for Lewis and Ebonie. These kids taught me that I don't need to be a Marvel superhero or a Disney Princess to inspire others and bring happiness to the world.

This one is for Hugo! He has awesome imagination and I learned that having friends around will make my life happier and colorful. 

Jamie is fan of the Ninja Turtles, Spiderman and The Avengers. His story taught me that I should always smile because it will make my day brighter and light.

Honey! She created a card for Lily who loves Tinkerbell. Honey inspires Lily to think of happy thoughts so they can fly like Tinkerbell.

I added a picture of Belle for Ebonie to remind her that she is pretty as a Disney Princess.

Spreading happiness is easy and fulfilling. We all have our share of problems and reality in life but we can always choose to inspire others to see the positive and bright side of it.

We choose to share the #Suitelife and create #SuiteImpact all over the world. What would you choose?

Share happiness,

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Episode 2 Learning Visayan Dialect: Greetings (Pagtimbaya)

Hello Everyone! Today I am so excited to share to you common Visayan Greetings! (Watch Video Demo below!)

This is the second episode of the series: Learning Visayan Dialect. Greetings in Binisaya is 'Pagtimbaya'.

Let me start by greeting you: Good Morning Everyone!
Maayong Buntag sa tanan!

In the Morning, we take our breakfast like a king.
Breakfast = Pamahaw

Normally, we take our lunch during noon time.
Noon Time = Udto
OR Mudto
Lunch = Paniudto

And you say, Good Afternoon!
Maayong Udto!

In the evening, we call it Gabie. 
We greet everyone, Good Evening!
Maayong Gabie!

It is advised to take Dinner before 6pm especially if you are on diet. :) 
Dinner = Panihapon

When we visit a friend's house and we are by their house's gate, say (somehow in soft shout so you will be heard):
Hello! Anybody home? 

In Visayan (not the exact translation) we say: Ayo! Naay tawo? 

The term 'Ayo' in a way declares our presence. You mean 'good' to the household and not harm. So we say, 'ayo'. 

When we see a friend, we greet: How are you?
Kumusta naman ka?
(The word 'man' added in the sentence is just an expression and will normally put emphasis on the meaning of the statement. However, this word does not mean anything when used independently.)

When we bid goodbye, your friend (household) will say: 'Take care along the way!' or 'Be safe in your journey'.
In Visayan: 'Ayo ayo mo sa dalan' or 'Amping mo sa dalan' 

We greet a friend: Happy Birthday!

Maayong Pagsaulog sa imong Adlaw nga Natawhan! OR
Malipayong Adlawng Natawhan!

When it's the yuletide season, we cheerfully greet each other: 'Merry Christmas!'
Maayong Pasko!

As we end the year and start another year, we say: Happy New Year!
Malipayong Bag-ong Tuig!

See you soon!
Kita ta sa sunod! OR Magkita unya ta puhon!
(The word 'puhon' means hopefully. Normally, we say that to express our hope that the event will happen or hopefully God will allow it to happen.)

Here is a video demonstration on how to say the words in Binisaya! Enjoy!

See you again next episode. Ayo ayo! Amping pirme (Take Care always)

Proud Bisaya,


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Episode 1 Learning Visayan Dialect: Introductions and Casual Conversations

Learning the Visayan dialect is easy and enjoyable!

I started with a series of episodes to introduce the Visayan dialect to foreigners and some of my friends who want to be familiar with it.

My name is Mighani.
Ang akong pangalan si Mighani. 
 The shortened version of word: ‘Pangalan’ can be “Pa’ngan” “nga’n” or “Ngalan”

So you can say:
Ang akong pang'an si Mighani.
Ang akong ng'an si Mighani. 
Ang akong ngalan si Mighani.

You can simply say: I am Mighani. 
Ako si Mighani.

Then you ask your newfound friend: How about you?
Unya, ikaw? 

 What is your name? 
Unsa imong pangalan? or, Unsa imong ngalan? 

After asking the name, we would usually want to know regarding their residence. And we ask: Where do you live? 
Asa ka nagpuyo? or, Asa ka puyo? 

 You may also say:
Asa diay ka nagpuyo
Note that the word ‘diay’ is a term that may denote ‘by the way’.
Like: Oh, by the way, where do you live? 

You may answer: I live in Dumaguete City.
Nagpuyo ko sa Dumaguete City.

Interested to know the new friend’s age: May I know how old are you? 
Pwede ba nako mahibaloan ang imong edad? 
Informally: Pila imong edad? 

In the middle of the conversation, you can graciously ask your newfound friend to take some snacks or the like. And you say: Let's grab some coffee!
Mangape ta!

After the enjoyable chit chats, you can end the conversation by saying: It was nice meeting you!
Maayong pag-ila-ila nimo!

You can also say: I am happy to know you!
Nalipay ko nga nakaila nimo!

Until we meet again!
Sa sunod napod ng pagkitaay!

Until next time!
Sa sunod napod!

For you to internalize and hear how these words are spoken, please watch the video! 

Happy learning! Maayong adlaw diha kanimo!