Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Episode 2 Learning Visayan Dialect: Greetings (Pagtimbaya)

Hello Everyone! Today I am so excited to share to you common Visayan Greetings! (Watch Video Demo below!)

This is the second episode of the series: Learning Visayan Dialect. Greetings in Binisaya is 'Pagtimbaya'.

Let me start by greeting you: Good Morning Everyone!
Maayong Buntag sa tanan!

In the Morning, we take our breakfast like a king.
Breakfast = Pamahaw

Normally, we take our lunch during noon time.
Noon Time = Udto
OR Mudto
Lunch = Paniudto

And you say, Good Afternoon!
Maayong Udto!

In the evening, we call it Gabie. 
We greet everyone, Good Evening!
Maayong Gabie!

It is advised to take Dinner before 6pm especially if you are on diet. :) 
Dinner = Panihapon

When we visit a friend's house and we are by their house's gate, say (somehow in soft shout so you will be heard):
Hello! Anybody home? 

In Visayan (not the exact translation) we say: Ayo! Naay tawo? 

The term 'Ayo' in a way declares our presence. You mean 'good' to the household and not harm. So we say, 'ayo'. 

When we see a friend, we greet: How are you?
Kumusta naman ka?
(The word 'man' added in the sentence is just an expression and will normally put emphasis on the meaning of the statement. However, this word does not mean anything when used independently.)

When we bid goodbye, your friend (household) will say: 'Take care along the way!' or 'Be safe in your journey'.
In Visayan: 'Ayo ayo mo sa dalan' or 'Amping mo sa dalan' 

We greet a friend: Happy Birthday!

Maayong Pagsaulog sa imong Adlaw nga Natawhan! OR
Malipayong Adlawng Natawhan!

When it's the yuletide season, we cheerfully greet each other: 'Merry Christmas!'
Maayong Pasko!

As we end the year and start another year, we say: Happy New Year!
Malipayong Bag-ong Tuig!

See you soon!
Kita ta sa sunod! OR Magkita unya ta puhon!
(The word 'puhon' means hopefully. Normally, we say that to express our hope that the event will happen or hopefully God will allow it to happen.)

Here is a video demonstration on how to say the words in Binisaya! Enjoy!

See you again next episode. Ayo ayo! Amping pirme (Take Care always)

Proud Bisaya,



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