Monday, October 2, 2017

Tips to get Google Adsense approval

A dear friend once told me that it would be very fulfilling to earn with your talent/passion. I agree! I know some friends who fell in love with photography and they are earning well from their hobbies. Others love to dance and they have set Zumba, hiphop, dance tutorials. Isn't it awesome? You will always look forward to waking up each day (even Mondays) and go to work!

How about me? I surely love my current job now, no doubt. However, I also love writing. I have been writing since Grade 6.  I joined School Press Conferences held in Cebu, Bohol. I met several student journalists along the way. Memories of those times are colorful and full of life. I thank all those people I met for teaching me a lesson or two and for introducing to me the art of writing. I still got some grammar mistakes, run on and all that but I keep on writing because it is my way of sharing a story. I just hope that I can inspire others with my life story. You'll never know, right?

Yes! Sharing your stories (hopefully to inspire) and earning on the side is not that bad. You bet! I heard of Google AdSense from college batch mates and wanted to give it a try. My college friends had pretty websites and they were very good in writing and editing sites with HTML and other tools. They were also very generous in sharing their ideas in setting up a website.

I started in 2008 but I lost access to the site. At that time, my site has been approved for Google AdSense. I think it was not that strict during that time. Unfortunately, I failed to re-gain access to the site and decided to start over.

I applied for AdSense with more than 10 articles on my site in 2013. I have been disapproved for years. Every time I re-submit, I anxiously wait for the Gmail notification to pop-up. I held my breath every time I open my mail only to find out that it is another not-so-good news. Nonetheless, I did not stop. I continued writing and I see to it that I pour my heart in every article. I am doing my best stick to the goal of my site which is to live, share and inspire.It took me 4 years to get approval. What did I do to finally deserve the most coveted AdSense's YES? How did it happen? Let me share here some tips:

1. I learned that you will have higher chances to get approved when you buy custom domain name. I tried once but I could not afford. Besides, I am not sure if I am dealing with a legit site. So, I stick with Blogger. However, if you know something about this and familiar with the process, you can go ahead, research further and buy one!

2. Introduce yourself. I think readers are more interested if your approach is more personal and if they can relate. Even myself, I would not stay in a site if I can sense that it is possible that its ads may lead to unsafe pages. Stay legit!

3. I am not well-versed in customizing the design in my site so I stick with Blogger templates. There are thousands of templates available that exude professionalism and great sense of artistry. Go for a simple yet captivating designs.

4. Build up with contents. I have read that for you to be approved, you need to have at least 15-20 well-written blog posts. I am not sure if this is entirely true because when I applied for approval last October 2016, I already have more than 20 blog posts. All original. You need to have sufficient texts on your site for AdSense specialists to review. So, keep on writing and posting!

I have been disapproved for insufficient content, here is one of the responses I received:


5. Stay away from copyrighted pictures/images. I got one post with Warren Buffet on it. I wanted to share some fun facts I read from a magazine about the businessman. It is possible that I got the 'ding' from AdSense and a big NO NO because of the picture I grabbed from Google. Thus, get rid of copyrighted pictures or videos. You can surely find sites for free images. Leverage Google now!

Here is how it looks like when AdSense review team spotted copyrighted materials on your site.

 6. Write in complete sentences and not just titles. Avoid posting just videos and animations. For sure there are backstories in all those stuff. Go ahead, tell a story or two!

7. Be brave enough to apply. The rejection letter only hurts most at first. It took me 14 re-submissions to be approved. Never ever stop working to get the approval and earn with your talent and passion. What are you waiting for? Set up your blog and apply!

There are several resources in the net for guidance in starting with your site and applying for AdSense. If all fails, you can visit their Forum Community to raise some questions and gather more information from pool of FAQs or visit the AdSense site.

Drop your questions, comments and other tips below. I will be glad to answer, read your stories about 'struggles' to be approved and take note of your tips.

Happy earning!


  1. This is so inspiring. I have been declined as well when I applied. I only have less than 10 blog post that time. There are some bloggers who got accepted with only few blog post. Your post makes me want to apply again. I make money from my blog with affiliate sales. And I think it pays higher than ads, but I still want to put google adsense on my blog.

    1. Thank you! Do not give up!! Continue to apply. ­čśŐYou see, I also once lost hope in applying but I continued to work on my blog. After 14 submission, for 4 years. Hehe ­čśŐ You can do it! Keep me posted.

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  3. This is really guide for get approved in google Adsense. Thanks for the nice and helpful guide.

  4. Nice, inspiring and motivating post. Congrats once again.

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  6. Hope this helps someone. It can be a taxing process for sure.

  7. It's definitely a process and a learning curve to get started, but worth it!

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