Friday, October 6, 2017

If you are given a chance to undergo plastic surgery, will you take it?

I was exposed to colorful beauty pageants in my teens. In fact, I joined a number of pageants in school and in the city/province (Would you believe that!? - Well well well, *hairflip*) When I prepared for the pageant, my trainers will hand me sets of questions that I need to be familiar with. These questions are normally hand-written in a spring notebook. One of the most popular questions is:

'If you are given a chance to change a part of your body, what would that be?'

The popular answer to this question way back 2006 is (let me state it in a ShowTime Q&A way):
'Thank you so much for that wonderful question. Ladies and gentlemen, if I am given a chance to change a part of my body, I will not change any of it. I believe that I am perfect in the eyes of our creator. I am contented with what I have now and confident that if I love and accept myself, I can achieve my aspirations and goals in life no matter where life takes me. I may not be physically perfect but I am who I am and I will carry on with confidence and a loving heart. I, THANK YOU!' (*hairflips one more time). 

It will be more fun if you listen to this audio recording of how I will say the answer. CLICK PLAY

Well, that is somehow a popular answer in the early 2000 when plastic surgery is not that common compared today. If this question will be asked today, I would be more sensitive in how I will answer the question.

For months, an internet sensative has been making a buzz in facebook and trending in twitter for undergoing plastic surgery. My newsfeeds have been flooded with updates regarding the new face of Marlou Arizala, now known as Xander Ford. His new face was even 'launched' in a popular program in ABS CBN - Rated K. I have read different reactions from Netizens - some were happy for him, others are not so impressed.

Take a look at Before and After comparison.

The surgery was not that easy-breezy. I grabbed an illustration of how much it costs:
Photo and information grabbed from Facebook/ PeP

Well, for me, what matters most is how Xander Ford feels about himself. If the outcome makes him even happier, then that's good for him. We all have our own freewill and every one should make the most out of it. What's important is that we are not stepping on the rights of our fellowmen.

I also dreamed of being sponsored by the popular Dr. Vicki Belo. I always tell my friends that if I will be taking some beauty fixes, I will rely on Dr Belo. If you'll ask if I am open to plastic surgery, I will answer: 'No for now'. But, who knows maybe in the next 5 or 10 years? We'll never know.

If you think the surgery will make you feel more confident at work or life in general, then go for it. For sure, you will be contemplating on that matter for thousand times before deciding. I believe that this matter is life-changing and would not be taken without extensive counseling, discussion and professional consultation. I think one must be prepared physically, financially and emotionally. Be ready with the outcome and how you will embrace the change. Be open to any criticism or not so good opinions from others that will come along the way. When you are already there, be firm. Stand by your decision and do not forget to savor the moment and enjoy.

'Life is what you make it!' Do what you have to do but always be ready with whatever the consequences are. Make the most out of life. You only live once.

Enjoy the weekend!

Feeling Imperfectly Perfect,


  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little nip tuck or anything else cosmetically related for that matter. If it makes a person feel better about themselves and boosts their self-confidence, awesome. I've had a tummy tuck and wouldn't change a thing!

    1. True! What matters most is how it'll make the person feel after. 👌
      Thanks for checking my page! 😊

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