Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekend Getaway: Search for Korean Buffet near Makati

It has been 3 years since I landed a job here in Makati. As a new comer, I find the place huge and full of strangers. For me, Makati is a place to start anew - build friendship and connections. In no time, I found myself spending time with beautiful, cool and talented bunch in the office. We share laughter, story of our lives, challenges in the office and a lot more! We have so much fun especially when we bond over food.

Like other stories, there is a time in our lives that we need to part ways. One moved to a different team, the other relocated to another office building and I applied for a day shift post. It is quite sad but it is part of growing - personally and professionally.

While writing this post, this song played on my mind:

'I spent half my life
Looking for the reasons things must change.
And half my life trying to make them stay the same.
But love would fade like summer into fall;
All that I could see was a mystery,
It made no sense at all.'

I am missing their company (lunch buddies, chika minutes, etc). But, life goes on! No matter where we are in the world, I hope our friendship will stay forever. We just have to make time to meet and get-together! And yes, last weekend we arranged to have lunch in a Korean Buffet!

Marc (aka Prof) will be our guide (shall I say, our driver - Thanks Prof!). First choice: Hanayo Grill, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The place has high ratings online. We drove to Quezon City where we will meet Liz. We were driving around Tomas Morato but we could not find the place. We decided to call their reception and to our surprise, we were informed by the owner that they are no longer operating!

Lesson Learned: Call first to request for reservation. We overlooked to do that because we were so excited- checking each other's life updates. In short, we thought it will be a road trip! Anyway, we had so much fun in the car.

We searched for another resto with Korean Buffet and we found Day DonDonDon! They are also located in Tomas Morato, Quezon City (inside Sunshine Boulevard). We inquired inside and checked their food. It has also high ratings online but we opted look for another place. It was around 11:30 am and we were starting to feel hungry and exhausted since we took off straight from the office.

This is the facade of Day Dondondon Korean Buffet

We met Liz near the area and brainstormed on where to take lunch. We were craving for Korean Buffet. We then decided to check out Samgyupsalamat in Banaue (Quezon City) amidst the traffic. We arrived in the place around 12:00 noon. Again, we did not call their office to inquire. So, we were not that surprise that there is a long queue. We decided to enlist and we grabbed the 7th spot in the queue. Wow! We were really famished (exaggerating here!) but we opted to wait for almost an hour before we were seated.

It was worth the wait. Take a look at this video. I have included here our food trip last month (All4u Korean Buffet in Century City Mall). Watch 'til the end to meet some members of the squad.


'Til next weekend,


  1. Nice post. Life really needs to move on. You head to something higher on life

  2. You should come to Pampanga for korean buffet 😃 you won't regret it.
    Btw, I would like to comment on your site, it's not mobile friendly and I would like to suggest to you that you should make it a mobile friendly since most of us use mobile than desktop 😁

    1. I will search online re Korean Buffet in Pampanga. Exciting.
      Thanks Crisly! I will be updating my template. Thanks for the headsup. 😊

  3. I wish I could travel and try different foods.

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