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Saturday, March 17, 2018

This weekend - Flaunt your blush with Pink Sugar's Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color
Last February 11, I attended my first beauty camp hosted by ilovebdj x Project Vanity Beauty Confidential. There were several booths featuring their beauty products in the Activity Area. Participants visit each sponsor's booth to check out their latest, top-selling products. It was a lot of fun with freebies like sample kits, free brow waxing and mini games within the booth wherein you can win awesome prizes.  

A Photo booth was in place so a photographer can take the participant's picture and print it right then and there. As part of the program, beauty enthusiasts were encouraged to post their pictures taken in the event and add hashtags #ilovebdj #project vanity. The organizer will choose a post and award a prize!

My instagram post won! I got Pink Sugar's Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color (shade: Wanderlust).

HD Blush?! I am a newbie in makeup and it was my first time to see an HD cheek color. WOW! At first I thought I will not be able to use it at all because it looks really super pigmented. I normally hesitate to put on cheek color because I could not blend it well thus it turns out really exaggerated. However, I tried the product and it turned out really good and easy to blend. I love that it can achieve the cheek color that I need. Awesome!

I created a video for the look featuring the HD Blush. I wore the look last weekend and it made me feel even prettier. The look exudes a bright, cheerful vibe. It helped make enjoy weekend even more, though I am alone. 

Products Used: 
Nivea Moisturizing Cream

Belo Tinted Sunscreen

Rockcat Girl Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Brown) 

Pink Sugar's Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color 
(Wanderlust 411)

Pink Sugar is a new brand to me. What do you think about the look? Let me know on the comment section below. Happy Weekend!

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bacolod City's Sea Food, Felicia's Pastries | House/Lot Site Visit | Road Trip Bais City

February 2018- This marks my birthday, second year of our engagement and of course, the Valentine's Day. To celebrate all these wonderful occasions, I went home to be with my fiancé and we traveled together to be with my family in Bais City. 

Working thousand miles away from home is never easy but I always do my best to go back home to celebrate special occasions. I had a very early flight so we decided to enjoy Bacolod's affordable food, friendly people and roam around the City with its light traffic. 

First stop is Bascon -one of the fine dining places in Bacolod City. Their breakfast is our fave. We got chorizo hamonado, spam, corned beef and extra bacon. Yummy! They serve these meals with sunny-side up eggs and unlimited fruit juices. 

After taking our breakfast, we decided to check out our house/lot located in one of the city's subdivision. After Bryan proposed last 2016, we decided to start planning for our future. We opted to avail of a low-cost housing and continued working hand in hand to complete payments. Until August 2017, we completed the equity payments and we are just taking our time before we can take-out the property. Anyway, we still do not have exact dates for us to settle down as there are still a lot of things to take care of. So there, we are so happy looking at our soon-to-be haven. Someday. Soon. 

Bryan and I love oysters and sea foods. He has been so eager to bring me in one of Bacolod's Palapala place. Just in time, we were able to avail of the Eat-All-You-Can promo for Php299.00 only. This is comprised of Talaba (Oyster), Shrimps and Grilled Pork. It is a good deal, right? The promo can only be availed from 11am to 2pm. The meal comes with an iced tea. We ordered additional Sinigang with Tanguigi (fish). Whoaaa! That made us so full. 

For refreshments, we visited Felicia's pastries to enjoy Jasmine Mint tea paired with Sansrival (butter) and Blue Berry Cheesecake slices. We bought one layer of their best seller - Felicia's Chocolate Cake for the sister's birthday. The taste of the cake is indeed heavenly. One of the best that I have ever tasted. WOW!

Traveling around Negros Island is never boring. Some roads are smooth going but the roadways nearing Bais City is winding and challenging. Nevertheless, your eyes will feast in all the calming greeneries and admire the simplicity of the lifestyle you witness along the way - the life that I keep coming back to. Nothing beats the feeling of home.

I will come home again, soon.
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Here is the video. I hope you like it. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Belo Tinted Sunscreen Review featuring responses from Dra Vicki Belo and SunExpert Team

I always thought I only need sunscreen when I am in a beach. Wrong! My skin needs daily protection since I am always exposed to sun's rays when I walk from my place to the bus/jeep terminal; lunch time when I need to go out from office, etc. Good thing Belo SunExpert has released a sunscreen product that can protect my skin not only from UVA/UVB rays but also serve as primer or foundation.

The product is a tinted sunscreen with Tone Adapt Technology to even out skin tone, conceals fine lines, wrinkles and other other imperfections. On top of this, it also offers the following:
SPF50 and PA++++ ensures broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays
Cell Protect strengthens skin's defense against premature aging

What SPF and PA++++ mean? 
SPF - Sun Protection Factor
Measures the level of UVB Protection a sun protection product will give you, depending on your skin type.

If you normally burn after 10 minutes in the sun, applying SPF 50 sunscreen would allow you to stay in the sun without burning for approx 500 minutes (a factor of 50 times longer)

PA simply means Protection Grade of UVA rays.
PA++++ indicates protection from UVA rays.
Protective level of strength from PA+ (light) to PA++++ (strong)

UVA (long wave ultraviolet A) rays penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin's thickest layer.
UVB (short wave ultraviolet B) usually burn the superficial layers of skin; plays key role in development of skin cancer.

You can buy Belo SunEXpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen in Landmark (Makati) for Php449.75.


Music/Sound Effects:

Here is the video of the review. I hope you will enjoy watching and learn something from it.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Steps on how to apply for PRC License Renewal (with or without CPD units)

February is my birth month and for 2018, this also means my CPA license will expire on my birthday! I have been preparing for this month since last year because I know that the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2016 has taken effect already. 

Maintaining an active license is one of my main goals as a professional. Sadly, the CPD requirements are indeed really challenging to comply. Let me share here how I apply for PRC License Renewal. Also, I am so glad to know that Professionals can still  apply for renewal this year even if you have not secured CPD Units. Do you know this? Just read on. 


Fortunately, I am employed in a company that is accredited as a CPD Provider. With the sets of training and seminars conducted internally/initiated by the company, employees with CPA license can request for CPD units Certification.

In your case, you may inquire your Recruitment/HR/Training teams to check if your company can apply/has applied for accreditation. I have come across an article stating that:

'To address the concerns on the inaccessibility of CPD providers, Chua Chiaco said the PRC was waiving registration and accreditation fees of government agencies, state universities and colleges and government-owned and controlled corporations that would apply as CPD providers in exchange for providing free training and seminars to their employees.'

STEPS to APPLY for PRC LICENSE RENEWAL (with or without CPD units)

Step 1 -  Visit

Step 2 -  Under Registration Services portlet located at the left side pane, hover the cursor over I.D. Renewal then click on Central Office. (Clicking on any of the options will redirect you to the next step)

Step 3 -  Click on REGISTER tab and fill in the needed information. Hit SIGN UP NOW button once ready. (Make sure to remember your password as you will need this in logging in together with your email address)

Step 4 - Enter your login credentials

Step 5 - Complete your Profile. Be ready with a soft copy of your 2x2 photo.

Step 6 - Click on Select Transaction and choose RENEWAL. Enter needed information and hit PROCEED

A pop-up window will show. Click YES if you have CPD units acquired. Otherwise, click NO and will still be redirected to the next step. Click Submit button after you selected your answer.  

Step 7 Set Appointment. Select your preferred PRC Service Office where you want to process the renewal. Fees will automatically be computed on the right side of the page. 

Step 8 - Choose Payment Option to complete transaction. 

After clicking on any of the options, you will be provided with a reference number. In my case, I opted for Bayad Center since I can just visit Landmark for the payment. 

Step 9 - Pay the full amount at the nearest payment center then view the Existing Transaction tab to Print the accomplished PIC Renewal Form. (You can print this even before the payment is reflected on your profile)

Step 10 - Visit the PRC service center you selected and submit the requirements: 

a. CPD Certifications, if applicable. If it is your company that provided the certificates, make sure to take note of the CPD Provider Accreditation No. 

b. Photocopy of the above certificates. 
c. Printout of the  PIC Renewal Form from Step 9


Here is a portion of the PIC Renewal Form showing the UNDERTAKING. Again, this is part of the PIC Renewal Form. 

You may access the file here (from PRC website - indicated for viewing purposes only)

Visit the following links for more information:

Portion of the FAQs:

I hope the above points help. Let me know in the comment section below if you have questions. I will be glad to share with you my insights based on my experience in processing my PRC license renewal. You can browse the PRC website for more (detailed) information.

All necessary information are sourced from If in case there are changes in the procedures implemented by PRC, this article will not be updated real time. However, I will still do my best to keep this updated. Visit the PRC website for additional references. 

Here's my license, renewed. I'll be smiling all through out the day. 

Special Thanks to Joe Valenzuela for generously providing input on this article. :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Unboxing Birthday Gifts for my Sister | Shopee products

Recorded: February 18 (10:00pm) 2 hours before my sister's birthday.
I love to shop gifts for my family. However, this time - for a change, I let my sister choose what she needs/wants. She mentioned that there are nice products in Shopee that she wants so I let her order. Isn't that a good idea? Though I still believe that it is still sweet and thoughtful if I have chosen the items or buy (somewhere else) for her, and give it as a surprise gift. Perhaps this time, my practical side is dominant. Still a good call though!

Here are the products we ordered from Shopee:

Portable handled mini usb Fan

Matte Jelly Shoes with Heart and Fur

sexy tops S-M

turtleneck / turtle neck sleeveless top

Semi turtleneck dress

4in1 korean fashion bagpacks for women COD

COD new korean bag pack 4in1Backpacks for womens sling bag

Playboy cotton T-shirt for men

COD# Maong Pants 018#

Products not included (to be received):

Casual Shirts Bow Solid V-Neck Shirt Top Women Chiffon Blouse Long Sleeve Blouse

Lace Ruffled Lace Briefs Knickers Panties Underwear Panties

Women Long Sleeve Chiffon Shirt Slim Tops Blouse OL Lady Top



Nimbus | Eveningland

Check out Shopee now and download the app! The items are indeed really affordable and shipment options are OK. Show this to your friends and siblings to share this 'idea' of gift giving.


How I got Eyelash Extensions | Stylash Landmark, Makati

Lashes, Lashes! Why not?

How I got Lash Extensions | Stylash Landmark, Makati

Here is a glimpse on how I got my eyelash extensions when I visited Stylash (Your Eyelash Salon) in LandMark, Makati. I still love my natural lashes, of course, but I just want to experience how it feels to have long, curly lashes and to know how I look like once I have them. They say it will make you look prettier. What do you think? 

I have chosen the natural lashes, SuperStar 12C style, 12mm length, Black. It costs 1,250php but I got 30% discount at the time of the procedure. Lucky me!

With added volume and length of the eyelash extensions, I can say that my eyes now have more definition and it is like I am wearing upper eyeliners. It will surely save time in preparing for an event or even when going to work. With my lashes set, I can just fix my brows a little bit, put on some blush then a lip balm - light and comfy on my skin.

I hope you enjoy watching. Let me know if you have questions about my experience. I am looking forward to creating a follow-up video to let you know how the lashes look like after a week or a month.

Pretty Lashes,

Friday, February 16, 2018

500 Peso Valentine's day Makeup Look

I created this look with 500 Peso worth of makeup products. This is in collaboration with YouTuber Philippines (Official) Beauty & Fashion Vloggers. Ooops! I am not a beauty guru. I am still starting to learn the art of makeup and I never thought it will make me feel even better and feel good about myself.  Well, you may think makeup is expensive - YES it is. But you can still look presentable even with non-high end makeup products. Take a look around you, we have local makeup product with high quality.

So, I have accepted the challenge to do a 500 Peso makeup look with the hope that I can inspire others to continue taking care of how they look with less gastos (spending).

I hope you like it. Here are the products used:
Aido Classic Make up Kit + Liquid Eyeliner (Pack) P100
Careline Mascara P120
Careline Oil Control Liquid Makeup P95
Nichido High Definition Lipstick (Love Potion) P99
Fashion21 Eyebrow Pencil (Chocolate Brown) P79
TOTAL 493 (YAY!)

For inquiries:

Here is the list of participating videos in this collaboration. Visit their channels too!

Judiel Peliña -

Shopee Shine -

Mhownai -

Topsy Holic -

Nixx Abarra -

Patricia Anne Tiu -

Antonia Gorneo -

karenslifetv -

Oiza Mae -

GecaMorales -

Aviamaria -


Franbellissima -

Kristiny mireny -

Friday, February 9, 2018

Nails, Hand/Foot Care - Get Rid of Dry Skin and Callus

This video was filmed last January 14, 2018, a Sunday. I grabbed this opportunity to explain why I decided to make use of my real name in this channel and opted to just use 'Princess Mighani' in mobile legends. LOL.

Kidding aside, I want to share with you my weekend routine every time I visit my favorite salon. I always feel relaxed and all cleaned up after a session of manicure, pedicure, foot spa and hair spa.

I hope that after watching this video, you will be inspired to visit the nearest salon or suking parlor. Go go go! You have been working all week- your skin deserves a treat! You deserve to feel good and relaxed!

Excited for the weekend,

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Unboxing Lazada and BeautyMNL products (with Bloopers)

Isn't it really exciting to open a package? The anticipation of holding the stuff you ordered adds up to the excitement. How much more if it is your first time to do unboxing? This is how I felt when I filmed this Unboxing video!

It is my first to buy makeup products online and spend for my channel. I need to make sure that it will not tear up my wallet knowing that I have just started taking on this route of creating contents via vlogging. 

As this is my first time and I am not familiar to beauty products or stores, I had some bloopers that I am sharing  with you here:

Watch the video here: 

Here are the products I have purchased: 

Akari ARL-7779 2-in-1 Rechargeable LED Lantern + Mini Fan
1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty   Php 539.85

5m Fairy Light Battery Operated LED Christmas Light  Php 395.00

BeautyMNL (

Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Foam 

Egg-Shaped Pro Blend Sponge 
PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives 
Color: Hot Pink 

Pro 15 Color Corrector Palette 
PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives 
Color: #2 

Velcro Roller Set (25mm) in Lilac 
Stylista Hair Essentials

Rockcat Girl Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Brown) 

Double-End Highlight and Contour Stick
Color: #1 

Phenomenal Liquid Lipstick 
Vice Cosmetics 
Color: Kerstofayn 

Phenomenal Liquid Lipstick 
Vice Cosmetics 
Color: Sisteraka 

Music from:

Please note that I am including affiliate links here. Should you purchase the item using my link, I will receive a small portion of the sales. This will somehow support my channel. Thank you!

Happy shopping,

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Get Ready with Me + L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Review & Wear Test

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by. This is a review and wear test of L'Oreal Infallible foundation. I had a free day and grabbed the opportunity to do some errands. With the foundation on my face, I walked under the 12:00 noon heat of the sun, hailed a jeepney then walked again, climbed some stairs and walked again then rode tricycle home around 3:20 pm. I had so much fun doing this review and filming this wear test to share my thoughts to you.
(Watch the video located at the bottom part of the page)


L'Oreal Infallable 24H Stay Fresh foundation (Miel Honey 235)
Aziza Silklining Eye Pencil

Alba Botanica Lip Balm
un-petroleum Plant Powered Lip Care
variant: Tangerine

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet by colorsensational (REB07)
Maybelline V-Face Blush Contour

Shawil foundation brush

Visit for free sounds [Used here:]

I hope you like it and subscribe. Drop your comments. I would appreciate suggestions and advice.

Here's the link to the shorter version:

'Til next time!