Thursday, May 24, 2018

I will always be grateful - Thank You and Farewell

I will be out of the office starting May 21, 2018. I decided to pursue my dreams with the presence of my family and loved ones in my home province. I never thought it would be a difficult decision to make. Priorities changed and I decided that it is time to go back to my original home. It was a wonderful 3 years and 8 months experience with Oracle NetSuite. The company is very generous in taking care of me and my family. Awesome company!

Know that it was you, yes you, who made my stay in the company indeed memorable. Thank you for being very supportive. You laughed at my 'entries' of hugot lines and jokes. You made me feel I am capable of leading the team and that I can spread positive vibes most especially during those times when we needed to participate in company events/competition.

You welcomed me warmly into the group and together we shared our life stories over pizza, pasta and ice cream during our 'stress eating' moments. We enjoyed being spectators during company events and giggled while we lined up for the buffet. Who would thought that in 2017 I would be part of the Holiday Party's Opening Number and danced with Belle? Unbelievable!
You smiled when I greeted 'Hello, Hello' in the hallway. You teased me when I launched my YouTube channel and encouraged me to do more videos (really?). I will think of you when I film a vlog - planting roses, touring my home province and even when sharing some product reviews or any update about this new chapter of my life. :)

How about our road trips after work or on our way to our team building event? So cool that the songs we sang still played on my mind. Do you remember our pancit canton or Korean noodles sessions in the pantry? I do - and I smile every time I recall how we 'hustle' preparing our snacks since we just logged 'BRB' or a 15-minute break. Those moments gave me thrills and added excitement in my stay.

You made me realize that work can also be full of laughter and fun while gaining experiences as professionals. You amazed me with your willingness to listen, to support. You changed my perspective of an ideal corporate setting - that I can speak to you freely, respectfully without feeling intimidated. The way you treat your members and the people around you reflects how great leader you are. The values you embody and imparted will stay etched in my mind and in my heart, where ever I may go.

I remember how good and proud you made me feel being part of Oracle NetSuite team. Yesterday (Friday), as I watched the glass door closed behind me, memories came rushing through! I saw your faces and smiles - I will keep the memories in my heart, forever.

I should have not written this while waiting for my flight (in the boarding area full of people) because I could not help but cry - I am not sad, it is just that I will miss you. In another life, if I will be given another chance, I will still choose to experience O+N over again with the same people. I am a better person now, so much better, after almost 4 years of being with you.

I can't thank you enough for the opportunity and experience. The company has helped me and my family start turning our dreams and aspirations in life into reality.

Thank you, Thank you! I will see you again, someday.

All the Best,

Antonia "Angie" Gorneo |
aka Princess_Mighani in Mobile Legends and Carousell :)
Tonya's Sari Sari Shop (TS3) in Lazada and Shopee

P.S. See you in my vlogs/ blogs! I will stay with my parents/sibling for around 6 months in Negros Oriental then hopefully start my own family. :)


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