Monday, December 7, 2020

Our First Child's Gender Reveal

This is a throwback. Join me as I look back to the happy moments of our first child's gender reveal.

It is true. Time goes by so fast when one is pregnant. One day I cried with happiness when I saw that two lines showing the Big Fat Positive, then like a blink of an eye, I wake up one morning realizing my tummy has grown so big making it difficult to get out of bed or pick up something on the floor.

I started feeling small kicks and wiggles that turned into stronger kicks and punches. I noticed my nose widen and enlarged. I ended up in laughter when I switched positions from left to right side lying in bed. It is a sweet, tiring, fulfilling experience. It is exhilarating. I am creating a human being, a unique one, a whole new human. One of God's miracles.

Every Prenatal session is filled with mixed emotions. The 7th month came when the ultrasound is able to clearly tell my baby's gender. Based on my experience and instinct, I feel and know my  baby's gender. I just knew it.

However, I wanted to hold a gender reveal party so I asked my Doc to keep it as a secret. Only Mia, my sister knew about it. My husband did not have a clue too. To make things more exciting, I posted in Facebook a picture of my belly and let my FB friends guess if it is a boy or a girl. It was a fun one. Several of my friends commented their guess and explained why.

The night before the party, Mia and our cousins - Angel and Jeje prepared the venue. They placed artsy decors, colorful bling and gender balloons. We held it in our supposedly lanai that was still under construction during that time.

While everyone was preparing, I enjoyed opening gifts. One of our Ninangs, Ninang Miss Anne, sponsored our baby's crib, baby bath, baby carrier. Bryan also bought other stuff like breast pump, sterilizer and snuggle basket. We all love to open packages!

Back to the party - Everyone is excited for the reveal. The score board was filled with votes. Family members and friends chose their team - either Team Boy or Team Girl. Each of them was holding their team stick. Food was delicious - we got lechon and Dinuguan from Uncle Denan and the rest was from JM Food Orders, as always!

We ordered cake from one of the best bakers in Bais - Elena Manso. This cake held the answer to the question- Is it a boy or a girl? The idea is to pull the banner, that one in the center. It has two colors - pink and blue. The last color will tell the gender. Blue for boy, Pink for girl.

Here is the reveal -

Andddd it is a baby boy. I still get kilig up to this time. Bryan and I are so happy, actually it felt like in cloud-9. I just knew it is a boy but it is a different feeling when there is confirmation.

It was a wonderful celebration. That Gender Reveal day also marked our first year anniversary as married couple so it was a double celebration.

There you go. Thank you for joining us in this journey. Watch out for the next video - highlights of our baby boy's journey in Mom's tummy for more than 38 weeks.

Again, thank you. Til next chicka chicka! See you in the next one.