Monday, September 25, 2017

3 Years today || Reminders why I left my comfort zone

(See previous post to read about how I started in Makati)

For the first 6 months, I rented a room near a river bank. The building where I stay looks so unusual to me because the structure looks so 'thin' compared to other gigantic buildings in the city. The structure has significantly narrow foundation. It is just so hard to describe. Anyhow, the place was a witness to some of my tearful experiences.

I normally find it not easy to remember directions so I really had a hard time commuting. This amplifies my anxiety and sadness aside from all the downside of living alone. During my first few months, I tried my best to keep in mind the landmark and signboards near my boarding house.

I opted to take tricycle and jeep when going to the office. One time, I was walking around the area and noted the 'Under Construction' sign board. I made use of the sign board as my guide where to get off from the jeep.

For a week, it did not fail me. I was still working during day time as I was still in training. It was Thursday, around 8:00 pm. Evening darkness started to engulf the place exuding a gloomy aura as it was drizzling whole afternoon. I hailed a Jeep from RCBC (Ibabaw route or I thought so). I was traversing along N. Garcia Street when I could not spot the 'Under Construction' signboard. My eyes were busy looking for the sign. Panic crept in as the jeep passed the BDO area and turned right. I asked one of the passengers,
'Lumagpas na po ba tayo sa Antipolo Street'?
'Ay. Dinaanan natin',
the lady said.

I immediately requested the driver to stop. The passenger pointed the area and I continued to walk. It was indeed a stupid idea to rely on the 'signboard' for I know that any time soon the road repair will be completed. Did I (subconsciously) expect that the project will extend throughout the year? Funny, possibly because I knew some areas that are still under construction for years.

I kept vigilant while I was walking along the sidewalk. I was in my jeans and polo shirt with heavy backpack. I held an umbrella on my right hand. I could not stop to get my cellphone inside my bag. I did not want to stop, scared that if I stop even for a while someone may grab my bag. (Paranoid!)

I continued to walk in the main road without any idea about the directions. I don't know but I think I lost common sense that time or perhaps I just want to prove to myself that I can reach my destination without GPS. I opted not to ask a stranger for directions. I looked around and spotted a guard standing in front of a building.

'Saan po papuntang Sultana? O yung sa Honradez?'
Mister guard processed for a while and finally told me he is not familiar with the place. I expressed my thanks and continued on my way. (Shaking My Head)

I started to feel uneasy and a bit worried since my watch was telling me it's almost 9:00 pm. I have been walking for about an hour and still could not find the right way. I continued to follow my instincts and avoided dark streets. I stayed in the main road saying my prayers for guidance. There were tricycles passing by but I did not ask one to drive me home. I continued to walk.

This is one of the first pics I have taken during my first week in the office.
Finally, after more than an hour - I spotted the facade of a familiar pharmacy. I used to buy groceries in their store. It seems that my spirit leaped and my subconscious performed the wiggle dance! The pharmacy is at the end of the road that will lead me to my boarding house. Eureka! I felt so relieved and proud of myself.

I arrived around 9:45 pm. I opened the door and let the light fill my room. I placed my take-out dinner in the table and sat slowly on the side of my bed with my backpack still on. I suddenly felt the urge to cry. I could not help it. I wanted to pour out all the emotions. I cried hard. I should have not put myself in a very risky position. I was nuts! I learned my lesson and it will never happen again.

I fished out my cellphone from the safety pouch in my backpack. I talked to Bryan, sobbing. He scolded me for what happened. As always, he made me smile and giggle after. I felt better. I resolve to reminiscing our plans and I was back on track. I reminded myself of the reasons why I left Negros. I wiped my tears and prepped for bed. Tomorrow is another day. Carpe diem!

Today, September 25, marks my third year anniversary here in Makati. Three years ago, I hailed a plane from Negros alone but I have been accompanied by my dreams and aspirations all through out my journey.  Most of them are starting to come true. I will continue to share to you how things turn out via this blog.

P.S. Writing this while on the plane from Bacolod. Haaay. Time flies so fast.


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