Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Episode 1 Learning Visayan Dialect: Introductions and Casual Conversations

Learning the Visayan dialect is easy and enjoyable!

I started with a series of episodes to introduce the Visayan dialect to foreigners and some of my friends who want to be familiar with it.

My name is Mighani.
Ang akong pangalan si Mighani. 
 The shortened version of word: ‘Pangalan’ can be “Pa’ngan” “nga’n” or “Ngalan”

So you can say:
Ang akong pang'an si Mighani.
Ang akong ng'an si Mighani. 
Ang akong ngalan si Mighani.

You can simply say: I am Mighani. 
Ako si Mighani.

Then you ask your newfound friend: How about you?
Unya, ikaw? 

 What is your name? 
Unsa imong pangalan? or, Unsa imong ngalan? 

After asking the name, we would usually want to know regarding their residence. And we ask: Where do you live? 
Asa ka nagpuyo? or, Asa ka puyo? 

 You may also say:
Asa diay ka nagpuyo
Note that the word ‘diay’ is a term that may denote ‘by the way’.
Like: Oh, by the way, where do you live? 

You may answer: I live in Dumaguete City.
Nagpuyo ko sa Dumaguete City.

Interested to know the new friend’s age: May I know how old are you? 
Pwede ba nako mahibaloan ang imong edad? 
Informally: Pila imong edad? 

In the middle of the conversation, you can graciously ask your newfound friend to take some snacks or the like. And you say: Let's grab some coffee!
Mangape ta!

After the enjoyable chit chats, you can end the conversation by saying: It was nice meeting you!
Maayong pag-ila-ila nimo!

You can also say: I am happy to know you!
Nalipay ko nga nakaila nimo!

Until we meet again!
Sa sunod napod ng pagkitaay!

Until next time!
Sa sunod napod!

For you to internalize and hear how these words are spoken, please watch the video! 

Happy learning! Maayong adlaw diha kanimo! 


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