Monday, October 31, 2016

Mia and the pink sling bag - A true to life horror story

When I was younger, I received a pink sling bag gift from a family's friend (we considered a grandma). The bag was such a pretty one. I can still recall that it has a kitty print and some girly stuff. I was not able to use it in school (I was about to enter college that time). I then let my sister use it.

Here's Mia, my younger/baby sister. This pic was taken recently.
I am not sure if this is the pink sling bag.
Mia (I call her Yang) was a member of the school's cheering team and they were having series of practice at night in preparation for the University-wide competition. She usually goes home at around 10pm. To keep her energized, she brings with her food/ baon - rice and viand in a Tupperware container with spoon and fork.

About five days before the competition, Yang used the pink sling bag. They were conducting their practice sessions in the school's covered court. They were chanting the last lines of their cheers and executed the hand movements. 'That's all for today', said their coach. 'You can all now go home and rest!'.

Yang was giggling with her friends as they walk through the corridors of the school. The premises started to be filled with chatters from other members of the cheering squad. The lobby was already dark since lights were already turned off. She held her bag and heard the sound of the spoon/fork clinking while walking. They already finished their meals after practice. She looked back on the lobby for she saw something unusual. She told herself it was just her imagination.

The school is walking distance from our house so she decided to just walk. There are only few people in the street and the night's breeze started to be uncomfortably cold. She continued to walk with her hand holding her pink sling bag since the fork/spoon were making some clinking sounds. She frequently checks on the clouds up high and gazed on how some stars twinkled in the dark sky.

After around three to five minutes, she reached the roadway to our house (to the right). The ground was not yet concrete (rocky road) and the area was dim-lighted with the reflecting lights from our neighbor's house. She walked in steady pace (around 15 meters from the main road) and she sighted our then wooden gate. When she reached the point where she needs to turn right, she suddenly could not move! The pink sling bag was moving by itself! She can hear the clinking sounds of the spoon and fork accelerating. She panicked. She exerted more effort so she can run. She finds herself running in the same spot.

The sling bag started to rise as if a force was pulling it from above but it was still attached to her body. She was filled with so many emotions - fears and anxiety. She ran faster but could not leave the same spot. She started to feel exhausted. She saw the bag rising up above on its own so she grabbed it by her right hand and prayed so hard, very hard. She then hit our wooden gate which was left un-locked and this collided with the wall of the adjacent dilapidated house. This caused a bang!

Our Nanay was startled and got up from bed to check on Yang. When she entered the house, Yang angrily threw the sling bag on the bed. She was shaking and shivering from the incident. She felt drained with energy. It was the most horrifying experience she had. Our mother followed her upstairs to ask what happened. She could not utter a word at first. After some time, she explained and our Nanay pacified her by saying that it might be just her imagination. She must be tired and needed to take some rest.
From that time forward, she is no longer using the pink sling bag. She told  me the story in Dumaguete, during the University week when they competed for the Cheer Leading competition. I believed her.
What do you think? Would you consider that a supernatural encounter? Look around you, do you see things that others do not?
Whether it was just her imagination or a supernatural encounter, I know we are living in a world where not all can be explained by science or logic. What matters most is that we stay firm on our faith and use prayer to defeat the enemy.
Happy Halloween!
- Antonia
(I can feel my hair raising and goosebumps forming while I write this blog. Worse, I am alone in the apartment. Liz is on her way from Pasay.) 

P.S. I secured permission from my sister to post her story.


  1. Happy Halloween 😱. I can imagine how you feel writing this piece, alone in your apartment. Just reading it almost got me running to the office where my husband is currently working, while I am sitting alone in the kitchen couch facing the kitchen door and outside there is a big Santol tree.

    1. Wwwwwaaaaa!! You bet! Im sure my sister can still vividly recall the experience.

    2. Wwwwwaaaaa!! You bet! Im sure my sister can still vividly recall the experience.

  2. I don't believe this, it's really horrifying. May I share this horrible story on my website with your name?

  3. Never had a pink bag, im inspired

  4. Hi! I'm Mia. I can assure you that every detail of the story is true, until now I can recall everything that happened but Im not scared anymore 'coz I know God is guiding me everyday! Have faith and pray. God bless!

    1. Hello Mia! Is this my sissy? Hehe Thanks for visiting my blog. Muaaah!! Thanks for sharing your story and being so brave. I miss you. See you soon!