Thursday, November 3, 2016

'Friendship Over' without prior notice. Sad.

This is a story of Amara and her former close friend Lucas.

Amara was new to her job when this happened. Her new workplace exuded good vibes - friendly new faces, supportive bosses and harmonious relationships among co-workers. Though most of the trainees were friendly, Amara was still hesitant to make friends.

After several weeks of training, she started to open up to 'strangers' and turned three of them into close friends. They are JJ, Lucas and Elize. JJ is the cheerful one and he loves Anime and he even join cosplay events. Elize stands out in the group- she is pretty and charming. Lucas is a shy-type guy but a good listener and easy to get along with.
The four of them used to spend break/lunch time together. They had a group chat in facebook where they crack jokes, make fun of each other and plan their weekend getaways. Amara realized that it is more fun to have close friends even in the office. Though work is not so easy, their friendship made her feel that tasks are lighter and inspired her more to go to work every weekday morning.

Every time spent with three of her friends brighten up her day - fun, full of laughter and giggles. They were really enjoying each other's company despite their individual differences and personal problems.

One day, Amara noticed that Elize is no longer joining them during lunch/break time. She learned that Lucas was courting Elize and that the girl turned him down. Everything got awkward with Lucas and Elize. A lot of things changed between them.

Nonetheless, Amara and Lucas remained close friends. Since JJ was well-occupied with work and cosplaying, the two were left behind. They started to form a bond. They continued to spend coffee-time together and share experiences at work. They keep each other updated and they truly cared for one another. Their officemates used to tease them for they can be lovers but Amara knew that theirs is pure friendship - no more, no less. Elize still greets them but she is spending more time with her boyfriend.

Months went by, Amara and Lucas continued to share the friendship with JJ catching up when he is not busy. Amara cherished the bond so much that she treats Lucas like a brother. It's like they can't live without each other in the office. Despite busy schedules, they find time to check through chat or text messages. Even in facebook chats, they still made each other's day lighter.

Suddenly, Lucas changed when he started to court Tanya and they became lovers. He started to act weird. Messages were shorter and pings were no longer frequent. Their funny conversations were turned to nods and cold treatment. When their paths crossed in the lobby, Lucas will look down and Amara will  still greet him to get his attention. This continued for weeks. Amara realized that they have become distant. Perhaps because he just have to focus on Tanya? No. No. Amara knew that Tanya will not be jealous of their friendship. Lucas did not say anything to let Amara know why he acted that way.

'How are you, Lucas? I missed the group. I hope we can catch up!', Amara sent a chat message. She saw Lucas was typing a message then nothing happened, no replies. Minutes, hours passed - she was on seen zone.

This sad situation happened like a blink of an eye. Their friendship was like a colorful bubble formed by a happy kid and just disappeared in the air. Nothing left but memories of laughter, corny jokes and funny stories.

Amara is now hesitant to reach out to Lucas. She still connects with JJ and Elize sometimes. Everything has changed and it hurts.

We all have our stories of friendships. Some of us are now separated by distance or work schedules or lifestyle changes. However, we do our best to make time and catch up, if possible. There are friendships broken due to harsh words and situations. Most remained silently despite years of being apart and when reunited, it seems nothing has changed. Others ended with no reason at all. It just happened. Sad, but we are yet to know why.

Your friend,



  1. We are yet to know why. Or we know why but we can't just accept it. Or we no longer want to know why. Sad. :(

  2. Thanks for posting this, though. Good job! Some stories do not really have happy endings but it's just worse when it's about friendship. :(

  3. Thanks Vam!
    Yes, I think it is true that a broken friendship hurts more than pain from romantic relationship heartbreak.