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Life is all about Loving its every detail

Date Posted = May 21, 2008
Time = 6:55 PM (PDT)
The series of seminar/workshops that the PYLON, official graduates yearbook of Negros Oriental State University System, conducted catered an avenue for the PYLONites to learn more on their fields and even refresh the learnings of old staff. In the Creative Writing Department, our lecturer urges the participants to make a feature article or any with the theme: 'how could you make something beautiful?' The following composition is one of the articles I made during the activity. Let me share my thoughts with you guys!

Life is all about Loving its every detail
Antonia B. Gorneo
I can still vividly recall the very moment I first step on the grounds of Negros Oriental State University. I know my life in this new home will be a lot different. A glimpse on the institution’s edifice stimulates a vision of how difficult will be my struggle here. Its gateways flashes a picture into my mind- a mob of students with diverse personalities and with varying aspects of life- a view that triggers my weakness and cowardice in facing the real world. The moment fills my entire being with uncertainties. With the course I am on which requires extreme hard work, I am carrying additional burden and pressure. Nevertheless, as I gaze at the uncertainties, I pulled out the last ounce of courage and determination in me. I decided to believe in my dreams and I know the paths I have to pass through will be a lot more beautiful if I’ll love every aspect of it.

As I started to live my student life in ways I am not used to, my eyes are unveiled with the realities of life. I gradually discover the very reason in my every undertaking- from waking-up early, preparing for school all by myself, taking meals all alone, doing the laundries up to accomplishing school works while scrutinizing how to spend every peso in my limited budget. I have to find new friends and buddies to share my time with. I got a number of things to do in order to succeed and adapt with the environment I am dwelling in. I know I need to cope and pass through all of these rudiments to survive.

I experienced suddenly bursting out in tears while I’m making home works. At one time, I find it so hard to understand the lessons then I found myself asking my classmates for a group study. I feel so left behind the group of intellectuals in our college. I started to assume that it’s my intellectual capability gradually failing or maybe I am never that intelligent.
I am badly missing my family- the times we shared together and the comfort of a home. I don’t want this feeling of emptiness to overwhelm me because I know I am doing this for them and for our future. I have to be tough enough to withstand the feeling, tougher than the roughness of the kind of living I am in to.

I am in the process of adjusting with the new world I am in. I am doing everything to prove that I was not wrong in transferring and pursuing my dream of becoming an accountant. I know that if I’ll start to regret and back-out, it will be my greatest failure- not only mine, but also of my entire family and the people loving me.

University life is indeed a whole thing different from the happy-go-lucky high school years. Life may be topped with unpleasant stuffs. Those are undesirable ones that every rational human can never flee from. Though things may be rough, the experiences will be worth reminiscing if one touches every element of it with passion.
Now, I just smile as I look back at the difficulties I had. No matter how rude and unpleasant experiences turn out, the best way to find its beautiful side is to love every detail of it. At the end of the struggle, you’ll prove that love will always keep you alive!


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