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I thank God for second, third and nth chances

Posted: May 22, 2008 | 5:02 PM Pacific Time
Place: Near Freedom park, Kagawasan Avenue, Dumaguete City.

7:00 in the morning when the alarm signals of my phone woke me up. huh?! I don't feel well and I want to spend this whole day sleeping. I hate this cough/colds duo! uugghh! I can hardly breathe with this colds and it seems I want to vomit every time I cough. Unfortunately, I need to go on with my daily routine. (sobbing)

On my way to school, I had my boardmate with me. We were just talking about the enrollment hassles, another problem that bothered my mind (exaggerated long queues, very hot weather, etc). We continued to talk when I suddenly walk across the street without minding the jeepney rushing towards me. I shivered but continued to walk in a faster pace. There was commotion inside the vehicle! I was about to be hit! It was very near..

When I reached the other side of the road, my eyes widened and my mouth slight open in shock looking at my boardmate. I was relieved knowing that she did not follow me. It seems that my head spins when I think of what will happen if she crossed the street. (I was so clumsy!). This day is one of those clumsy days I have in my stay here in Dumaguete. I hate busy streets. I am always hesitant to cross the street thus causing panic inside of me especially if there are vehicles approaching (there were no traffic lights on that area).
---At this moment while I'm sharing this story, I look back to the incident that took place just an hour ago. I am wearing this tight pencil skirt and it is hard to walk fast with this. I am wondering how I managed to cross the road without being hit. The jeepney was so close and I never thought I can still escape from it. But here I am, still breathing -- ready to take the long queues of students for the enrollment and kicking to start another day.
Someone carried me. He had just carried me awhile ago and He will always carry me. Now as I contemplate on things, I realize, it is better to have this yucky colds and cough than to be in a not-good-to-imagine scene. It is better to be burdened with this itchy throat than causing worries to my parents. I'd rather care to bring ply of tissue than to be covered with bandages. I'd rather fight with this simple summer illnesses than to see my parents and loved-ones fighting with me for survival. Pardon me, but my imaginations have gone so far - so dark.
I can survive this!!
I thank God for giving me chances to realize that every single thing that happened to me and every petty suffering is just speck compared to His wonderful blessings. I must thank Him for an opportunity to live this wonderful life in the fullest. I thank him for endowing in me chances to live. I thank Him now, tomorrow and always..

- Antonia



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