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THIS IS NOT OUR WEDDING | Coronation of Miss San Juan 2012 (Money-contest pageant)

I think this is an awkward pose. Haha! 
June 2012 - Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. It was around 1:30PM and Mr Sun is on its peak, happily blazing its rays. I was standing in the entrance of the old Admin office, observing how the scorching heat of the sun absorbs the last remaining moisture on the ground. A couple of dump trucks and vehicles were passing by causing dust to spread like crazy. I was squinting my eyes on the thought that I need to walk on that same ground. 'Five minutes more', I said to myself.

The place is a sugar-manufacturing millsite. Behind me was the Human Resources and the Cane Supply Offices where Sugarcane planters, truck drivers as well as applicants were bound to. The two offices have separate doors situated beside each other (left side) and on the center, a hand-punch (biometrics reader) machine was placed where employees lined up to register their time for the day.

I was wearing my shirt-jock type white uniform and a fitted black skirt. I paired it with a chunky-heeled sandals (3inch I think). I started to walk onto the shaded sidewalk with an umbrella in the right hand and raffle tickets on the left. The sidewalk extends around 150 meters, enough for me to reach the scrapyard of the Materials Control Warehouse. I needed to walk under the umbrella withstanding the heat of the afternoon sun until I will reach the main sugar Factory (est 150 meters). There are portions (10%) of the road which were not yet concrete so my heeled sandals were struggling.

I needed to distribute the raffle tickets for the upcoming Miss San Juan 2012 (money-contest pageant). I was chosen as the representative of the company in relation to Barangay San Juan's patronal fiesta. It has been the tradition in the area. It was my second year in the company and though I thought I was 'forced' to join, deep-inside, I really want to enjoy the experience.

This is the place. The picture was taken during Sportsfest
I reached the factory gate and exude my charming smile to the guard-in charge to let me in. Haha! I entered the offices inside the factory and requested (somehow forced) the office heads to purchase the raffle tickets for Miss San Juan 2012 pageant. The candidate with the highest money will be crowned as that year's queen. The proceeds will be used in patronal church's projects and there were also prizes for the raffle winners. There were five participants (from different barangay and sitios) and it was somehow expected that the company will remit the highest amount. Lucky me! I met suppliers and traders in the millsite and they generously bought tickets.

It was an exhausting yet productive afternoon! I needed to go back to work for the remaining hours. One more problem is: how will I convince Bryan to be my escort? He did not approve to the idea and it will be his first time to join such event. He had no choice but to be my escort or we will find someone else!

June 24, the day of the 'pageant'. We learned that we won with whooping 12,000 php(estimated) proceeds. The coronation was held in the evening and participants needed to join a parade in the afternoon. We were in a multi-cab and Barangay people splashed water (expected to be clean)  towards us while we toss some candies.

The coronation night came and I was in a white gown while Bryan was in his tuxedo. Apparently, we were not comfortable with the outfit (it was really body-fitting). We looked like we were going to our wedding!

Unexpectedly, the experience was so much fun! Bryan started to smile while we were on stage and he was game when we need to dance in the basketball court with the rest of the pairs. The area was graced with several Barangay constituents and guests.

We felt like royals and celebrities! Haha! We were positioned on the stage - I was sitting on the 'royal' chair, while Bryan was just standing holding a fan made of paper. It was so humid that night so we were sweating. Nonetheless, we enjoyed every presentation the organizers prepared for us - kids' dance number, couple song number, speeches and the most awaited Balak (in Bisaya) (English: spoken poetry).

Yes, Bryan is holding a fan made of paper!
To sum it up, the experience was unforgettable and priceless. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a provincial scene. It was an experience that I will cherish forever and will proudly story-tell to my future children and grandchildren.

No matter where I am, I will keep its lesson: Enjoy every moment of your life! My past has already been written on the palm of my hands. The experiences molded the kind of person that I am today. Thank you San Juan and URC-Sonedco for the experience.

Here are some pictures!

Mam Joy (HR Manager) assisted in the coronation with the Former Queen - Kaye Basilio.

I felt like a princess. Haha But the gown was really body-fitting (hard to breath).

Meet my King, Bryan.

It was a surprise! We were not informed that we will be dancing! Look, the rest of the candidates are very young. I was 23 and Bryan was 31 that time.

We were enjoying the dance. Look! The venue was filled with so many spectators.

What do you think about our outfit?

Reminiscing happily,


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