Sunday, October 23, 2016

Episode 3 Learning Visayan Dialect: Expression (Ekspresyon or Pagpahayag)

Hello Everyone! Today, I will introduce to you some Visayan Expressions. This is the third episode of the Series - Learning Visayan Dialect.

The following will show how we say some expressions. The word 'Expression' is 'Pagpahayag' or simply 'Ekspresyon' in Binisaya.

Take Care

I am Sorry
Pasaylo-a ko

Thank you

You are welcome
Walay Sapayan

I miss you
Gimingaw ko nimo

I like that!
Ganahan ko ana!

I like you
Ganahan ko nimo

I care for you
Palangga ko ikaw / Palangga tikaw

I love you
Gihigugma ko ikaw/ Gihigugma tikaw

Wow! That's really fun! I hope you learned something today. I hope to you see again in the next session.

Video demonstration for this episode will follow soon.

Take Care. Ayo ayo! Amping kamo!



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