Saturday, October 22, 2016

5,249 new CPAs in October 2016 (Let me tell you my story)

OCTOBER 2011 - Iloilo City. I hailed a taxi from the city's port and climbed couple flight of stairs to reach the PRC office. I was so pissed off and disappointed that I did not mind the long queue of professionals. I stormed through the office and found the correct counter where I can raise my complaint. I called out the staff and with a very intense tiger-look on my face, I showed her the printed results of the CPA Board exam and shouted: 'My name was misspelled!! I have a very simple name and yet you can't encode it right??!!' I was so furious that I can feel my face turned burgundy-red and my eyes burning with emotions.
PRC erroneously misspelled my name in the list of CPA Board exam passers last 2011.

-- NO NO! Erase, erase. Fortunately, this scene ofcourse DID NOT happen. This is just what I imagined that I will do after the CPA Board exam result was released last October 2011.
Again again again - Let me tell you the story. I hailed a taxi from the city's port and lined up with the rest of the professionals who needed to transact with PRC Iloilo. It was around 7:30AM and the guard-in-charge was already distributing priority numbers. The office was a two-story building made of semi-concrete materials (as far as I can remember). I had Priority #53 and I was standing on the first step of the building's two-flight stairs.

I woke up around 3AM that day to prepare and board a fastcraft from Bacolod City around 5:30AM. Back to the long queue - I was holding a plastic envelope with the needed requirements. I think it took me around an hour to reach the office's door and I gracefully walked onto the counter. I smiled sweetly to the staff and explained that I need my name to be corrected in the PRC Records, PRC license/ID and on the PRC database.
I can never do what I have imagined. I am so blessed and I would never have complained. Though I am still open to the very slim chance that it was not me who passed the exam (someone out there is Antonio Bairoy Gorneo), my faith is so firm that I got it this time!
CONFIRMED! I passed the CPA Board Exam last October 2011. My journey towards reaching the dream was so steep and bitter-sweet. Until now, every time PRC releases the list of passers for the year, I always feel so emotional and so proud. All the emotions and experiences I have been through during the review keep flashing back.
- Do you know what's fulfilling? It is when I browse through the results and find the name of one of my students way back 2012/2013. In 2016, I am so happy to know that one of the former students (Fellowship Baptist College) passed the exam: Dannah Kim Cruspero. 
Like what I shared in my previous post - To those who were not able to make it this time, there is a reason and a season for everything. Strive harder, never give up. After all the struggle and sacrifice, you will eventually get to hold that most coveted 3-letter suffix and you will savor success in its sweetest taste/form.
Here are the list of CPA Board exam passers for October 2016:

Never give up on your dreams. Keep going on!

Always hopeful,


(One year ago, October 22 2011, CPA Board exams results were released.)


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