Sunday, November 20, 2016

UPDATE: Suspected part of an insect on my left eye!

I was in a movie house with my friends when I started to feel weird again on my left eye. Halfway the movie (Fantastic Beasts and where to find them), I decided wear glasses. I reached out for my bag, which was placed on the floor, to fish out my eyeglasses without taking my sight off of the screen. I remember I stopped applying the prescribed eye drops five days ago, just in time when the redness disappeared. I really thought my eye is totally healed after the sclera (white part of the eye) cleared out. I felt something moving on the lid and it seems pointed. I continued to enjoy the movie though I am still bothered by my left eye.
I kept the glasses on even after the movie. My left eye started to become teary while I am standing on the taxi lane. It was a long queue since 6:00-7:00PM is already peak hours for traffic. I waited for roughly 30 minutes before I get a ride. While waiting, I pulled out my pocket mirror and started to check my left eye. I looked down and up but I could not see any speck or any foreign object. I closed the right eye to check if the left is still seeing clearly and gladly - it's okay.
I arrived home and I prepared immediately because I could not wait to dive on my bed. On that day, we went straight to the movie after office and buffet. I knew I needed to sleep but when I close my eye, I can still feel the pinchy feeling on the left eye. I tried to change lying positions until such time I fell asleep with the discomfort on my eye.

Doc pulled out this suspected part of an insect from the lid of left eye
(brownish, shiny and rounded)
 After 3 hours of sleep, I woke up at 12:00midnight and I can feel something moving on my eye. I was thinking it might be a nerve or what. Assuming that a part of the insect or even a live one is on my eye will totally scare me. I went straight to the shower room and check my eye. Both eyes are red maybe because I did not have enough sleep. I pooled water on my hands and opened the left eye under water. Nothing happened. I stayed there for 20 minutes repeating the process of looking down, looking up, pulling the eye lid and soaking my eye again under water. I was so tired and sleepy so I went back to bed. I was already alarmed but I kept calm or else I have to hail a cab (12midnight!?) to the nearest hospital. No, I was so tired and I did not want to go out.
I woke up at 8:00AM - Sunday and immediately called customer representative of Intellicare to request for help in searching for accredited clinics with Ophthalmologist on a Sunday. I was advised that there is no available eye doctor during Sundays so I decided to have the consultation the next day. However, I still tried to call one of the suggested clinics and happily, I secured a slot to see an eye doctor at 1:00PM.
On my way to the clinic, I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Weird thoughts bothered my mind. What will happen if I need to undergo operation? Well, that's exaggerated thought. Worried that if I need to be admitted, I may need to cancel my flight scheduled on the 23rd. That would be a problem because I am already scheduled to celebrate my Tatay's birthday with family in Negros! :)
I finally arrived in the clinic and waited for about 30 minutes. Well, as I expected, the eye doctor is handsome! Haha! Here's what happened:
I have to place my chin on the part of the instrument
then position on a lens for the doc to examine. 
1. Doc let me read some letters on the screen to test my eyesight and I got an A because I still have my glasses on! He did not recommend that I get a new pair. Yey! 

2. I sat behind the instrument with lens that Doc used to examine my eye. He asked me to look down, up then straight. He saw nothing.
Before the examination started, I already told him the background story of the left eye. I lost control and got so chatty like in my blog posts. Haha!
3. He dropped anesthesia on my eye. I closed my eye feeling a tolerable pain/sore, like a pinch then I blinked several times.
Anti biotic eye drop -  1 drop, 3 times a day
for a week.
4. Doc checked again my eye on the instrument. He then pulled the lid up and folded the skin. He immediately reached out for a tissue. I panicked a bit when I saw him holding forceps (puller).

I thought I am going to faint but I held on to my consciousness. I was just so nervous!
5. He instructed that I should keep looking down. I did not move but I think my facial muscles shivered. It's like I am going to convulse. Haha!
6. I felt a pinch on the lid and he pulled out a brown-shiny-rounded speck. Doc placed it on the tissue and showed it to me. He joked that I can take it home! Yes, I did!
7. I got an anti-biotic prescription, also an eye drop.
I was all smiles when I left the clinic. As of writing, the left eye is not acting weird! Hopefully, it will totally heal. The effects of the anesthesia has worn off and I am pretty sure that there has been no pinching feeling on the left eye.
Lesson Learned: Do not take for granted any discomfort felt in any part of the body. It is best to visit the appropriate doctor for consultation as soon as possible before the condition worsen.
Yeah. Looking through the eyes of love.
Take good care of your body. You only have one to enjoy in this lifetime.
Getting well- for real this time,
(I have talked about how I got my eyes irritated in my previous post. Check it out also.)


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