Saturday, November 26, 2016

Our family's first synthetic Christmas tree

It's the second day of my vacation in the hometown. I could not contain my happiness when I arrived home yesterday for my Tatay's birthday. He was waiting on the sala when I entered the house. He hugged me tight and I tip-toed so I can kiss his cheek. It will be a happy and fun 5-day stay.

I looked around the house and I smiled seeing the changes. It was last June when they started renovating. I have been away for 5 months while saving for the construction. My Tatay saw the grin on my face and asked me to enter the newly furnished room. I can see how proud he is knowing that he closely supervised the construction. He has been keeping a sketch of his dream house since I was a child and it is our aspiration to have it realized.
Completion is still at 40%. Excited as he is, Tatay asked me to check their room. I pulled the door sideways. He chose to have a glass door for the room. I have seen the structures in pictures but I am still all smiles when I see a couch on the left side and their bed on the right side near the aircon. A small ceiling fan is also installed and in between the couch and bed, a stand fan is in place. I am so pleased with the floor tiles they have selected and the paint color (soft green) of the walls and ceiling is eye-friendly. The glass doors are not tinted so Nanay placed a pretty yellow green curtain with wild grass/flower designs on it.
I stood on the sala area and from there I can see the second floor above the room. The space is envisioned to be a rooftop terrace and the leftmost side area will have one room to be constructed. 60% more to go and so much more saving to do. I strongly believe we will achieve our dream house.
Christmas is fast approaching and I do not see any holiday decors around the house. My childhood was fun especially during the holiday season because my Nanay is so artistic when creating our Christmas tree. She would rather create it from used papers, Bakhawan branches, yarns and other art materials. One time, she used a bamboo pole then made holes on it and inserted sticks from coconut leaves to serve as branches.  I recall that she will mix water with food coloring and pour the colored water on an ice candy bag. Those little plastic bags will hang on the from the makeshift Christmas tree branches - yellow, orange, green and others. They will reflect the lights from the christmas lights.  

We have not installed a Christmas tree for a very long time. This year, we decided to buy our first synthetic Christmas tree from store. I want my Nanay to relax rather than going to the nearest pond and look for Bakhawan tree or ask/buy for newspapers from sari sari stores. We bought glittery stars, artsy christmas balls, santa claus stuffed toys, little drums, colorful garlands and golden bells as well as Christmas lights.
For the new room, I placed a Merry Christmas sign hanging from the roof top. I attached silver balls and angel figures on it with strings made of small silver balls. I can't explain how I feel when I am putting up the pieces of the Christmas tree with my sister and a little girl from the neigborhood. Childhood memories were flashing back and it felt really heart-warming.
To complete the Christmas tree, I hoopped around it the colorful lights with small-size bulbs. My Nanay helped in switching it on. We heard a motorcycle coming so we hustle. When my Tatay finally entered the house, we light up the Christmas tree. He smiled sweetly and his eyes sparkle. I am really home. So happy!
(My big brother died last November 2011 and we are still grieving until this time. I am not sure when the pain will disappear - I think it will stay forever. This is the reason why we could not put up Christmas decors or celebrate all out during the yuletide season.)


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