Friday, October 18, 2013

Girls and our beautiful imperfections

Ola senoritas! This first week of my blog will be filled with all about us-- girls, ladies and women to-die-for. And when I think about the feminine beauty, Katy Perry's words would echo in my head.

"Us girls are so magical, soft skin, red lips, 
  so kissable; hard to resist so touchable, 
too good to deny it, ain't no big deal its innocent.."

But this time, we will not dwell talking all night with the alluring charms in us but let's share some of the physical imperfections that surely give us troubles. This will be a learning experience as we dig on the causes so we can avoid them recurring and know some symptoms so we can be alerted. There will be Do-It-Yourself portion, home remedies, diet treatments and deciding when to seek professional help.  One by one, we'll pinpoint those imperfections- the obvious ones that are not so pretty and we will learn stuff to turn them into a sight of beauty.

        Here's the run-down:

       Imperfections 2  Giving life and shine to dull, lifeless hair

  Imperfections 3  Finding beauty in moles and freckles


                   Imperfections 4  Dealing with Bad Teeth and gaps

                Imperfections 5  Treating Pimples and acne marks 

And we are ready to take on five common physical imperfections that we acquired from puberty, hormonal imbalance, working late and others. It will be an educational chit-chat for us girls. Next post, we'll start with the eyes! Watch out for it.

See ya!


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