Friday, October 18, 2013

Adopt a tree for a greener workplace..

I work in a manufacturing company and the management has always been upholding our ideals of preserving nature and attending to our corporate social responsibility. Let me share to you how we care for the environment while we sweeten your lives. Take a glimpse on how our Gadabadaba concern for Mother Nature guide us to choose an idle piece of land in the millsite and turn it into a hopeful haven of soon-to-rise fruit-bearing trees.

Everyone is bringing a seedling to plant. Guess what makes it exciting? One snack coupon for every seedling. So tag with you as many seedlings as you can!

Ready. Get Set. Plant!
Potholes are already in place and moisten with the evening rain. The weather is fine, Mr. Sun is up and it's friendly today. It's great time to plant. We have sticks to aid in planting but we let our hands get dirty. It's a lot more fun! See that smile?
Let me introduce to you the group together with our enthusiastic Department Managers and supportive Operations Manager, Ma'am Lanie Cerbo and Factory Manager, Mr. Jose Buenconsejo.

From left: Mr. Reynaldo Ponce; Robelinda Sabanal-Mr. Mark Llauder; Ms. Lanie Cerbo; Mr. Jose Buenconsejo; Mr. Manuel Aquino Jr; Mr. Andre Cerbo; Mrs. Cora Aquino; Meredian Judilla; Antonia Gorneo (me).

Meet the URC-Accounting Team; Starting from left- Christie Myrrh Malala, Elegia Cang, Mary Grace Biadora, Antonia Gorneo (me), Jeorge Gayoso.
I bet we can be Ms Earth beauties with a purpose. Who wouldn't agree on that? (*wink)

After a fun-filled planting experience, here are our reward! Quake cakes and Refresh Juice- URC products. For sure, a greater reward is ahead of us-- a fresher air to breathe, sweet fruits to eat and shade to share with the rest.

 green-thumb wanna-be,


P.S. Visit this album to view more pictures of URC- Sonedco tree-planting event.


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