Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How I got Eyelash Extensions | Stylash Landmark, Makati

Lashes, Lashes! Why not?

How I got Lash Extensions | Stylash Landmark, Makati

Here is a glimpse on how I got my eyelash extensions when I visited Stylash (Your Eyelash Salon) in LandMark, Makati. I still love my natural lashes, of course, but I just want to experience how it feels to have long, curly lashes and to know how I look like once I have them. They say it will make you look prettier. What do you think? 

I have chosen the natural lashes, SuperStar 12C style, 12mm length, Black. It costs 1,250php but I got 30% discount at the time of the procedure. Lucky me!

With added volume and length of the eyelash extensions, I can say that my eyes now have more definition and it is like I am wearing upper eyeliners. It will surely save time in preparing for an event or even when going to work. With my lashes set, I can just fix my brows a little bit, put on some blush then a lip balm - light and comfy on my skin.

I hope you enjoy watching. Let me know if you have questions about my experience. I am looking forward to creating a follow-up video to let you know how the lashes look like after a week or a month.

Pretty Lashes,


  1. Maganda talaga pag may long lashes ka.. Nakita ko 'yong video mo, it looks like woow parang achieve na achieve talaga pag mataas lashes mo. Maganda sya!Great!

    1. Yes, correct! D na rin need mag-mascara. Kaya lang, effort dn mag-maintain lalo na ako kasi gusto kinakamot mata ko hahahaha Salamat sa pag-visit!