Monday, January 22, 2018

No Time for Makeup Makeup look with KJM lip&cheek tint

I feel like I am always chasing time and I neglect to attend to how I look. Despite the hectic schedule, I believe that I should allocate time in taking care of how I look. Let me share with you how I do my makeup even if there is no enough time for it. 

To avoid cramming, I hope to consider the following steps so I can set aside material time for make-up, meditation and taking care of my skin: 

I. Lesser time for unnecessary browsing in the net. I can manage my time well by setting a schedule or number of hours to be spent browsing the net, vlogging, FB, instagram. 

II. If a portion of the time spent online is set aside, I will have more time for beauty rest. Sleeping is a must in attaining a healthy and glowing skin.

III. Wake up early so I can have time for skin care and other beauty routine. If more time is spent for sleeping, I will then feel well-rested which will affect my mood for the day.

For me, the above points can be attained when there is proper time management. Yes, it is easier to say/write than done but I will not give up on myself. I can do this! If I can take care and love myself, I will then be capable of sharing the love to the people around me. 

Here's the video for you. I hope you like it! :) Let me know what you think about it and drop your comments. 

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