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Sharing with you the start of our Love Story (written 6 years ago) - Part 1

In 2012, I joined a contest in which we will be sharing our Love Story in writing. It was a tradition in my previous workplace that every February of the year the HR department will hold activities/programs for the Valentine's day celebration. We won second place.

WARNING: This write-up was sooo long time ago and upon re-reading it, I just realized this is so 'Corny' and 'Cheesy'. I shared our story without filter and it is 'not so' wholesome. I just added some side-notes on the article. Please continue reading on your own risk. LOL. Forgive me. You know, when a person is 'in-love', one tends to share more than what should be shared.

This story started it all. Now, Bryan and I are already in our way to our 7th year in the relationship. We were engaged last February 2016. We are still planning for our wedding. We are in a long distance relationship now for almost 3 years. We opted to build our dream
house first before our wedding. I will be sharing with you our journey.

So, here's our story. (*wink)

(Update 9/25/17: I am re-reading the story and realized how immature I was when I wrote the story. Eeeehhh! Shocks! Side effects of love, really?! Adding side comments)


Dec 15, 2010- I traveled all the way from Bais City to Kabankalan City for my final interview. It was Wednesday and my first time to lay my eyes on him in the HR Office. We were introduced to each other and he made me smile with his sense of humor. In the evening, I joined SONEDCO’s Christmas Party. I was surprised when he appeared in front of me requesting me to dance with him. Until now, I can still vividly recall how his dark brown eyes twinkle when he smile, how intently he looked at me. It was our first dance and I did not expect that it would be the start of something sweet.
(Side Note: Guess what we danced to? Sumayaw  Sumunod! By VST & Co. Not so apt but for me it was so romantic)

He occasionally text me after that time and I did not mind him that much. He kept on giving me his attention. When he passes by my work station, he turned my monitor off or placed the mouse farther from me. He kept on teasing me.
I don’t know but he’s not pissing me off. I even find him cute.
(SN: If you do this to me when I am concentrating on my work, I will be pissed. Hahaha!)

He started to make me feel he cared. He was sending me morning greetings through e-mail with images of roses, teddy bears. Also, he’s bringing me noodles coupled with biscuits for breakfast.  He’s offering me coffee. He even graciously offered me to use one of their office’s PC since I don’t have one yet that time. I can feel that he has something for me but I don’t want to exaggerate things or expect something. Worse, I’ve learned that he’s courting someone else that time. So, I was sort of disappointed, just a bit.
(SN: Shocks! Why would you include this petty info! If only I was there, I will pinch that 22 year-old Antonia in the groin! Cringe worthy experience LOL)

March 22, 2011—his birthday celebration and he invited me to join his group for the celebration. It was our first time together, closer to each other
. We were talking throughout the night together with his friends. When it’s time to go, a friend asked me to kiss him for his birthday. I was hesitant. I can’t explain, but the idea that he’ll lay his lips on my cheeks makes my knees shiver. I was never that tense in my life. I can feel butterflies in my stomach. I was so conscious, he was so calm. He kept his cool, I was trembling inside. How can this happen to me? The feeling was so unusual.
Days after, I tried to keep him out of my head. I kept on thinking that I am not his type; that he likes someone else. I’ve instilled in my stubborn head that everything was just casual friendship, no more, no less.
(Ooh nnooo! What happened to me here :'( Shame shame shame! You were all out! No wonder why some of his friends were so nosy!)

However, he continued to make me feel special. He started to call me and we talked until dawn. The long talks continued. I’ve shared to him the story of my life, my struggles in my previous CPA board exams, my traumatic heartbreak. He also shared his and I learned a lot about him- his family, previous relationship and his principles in life.  

April 9, 2011—after days of convincing me to come with him in Bacolod, suddenly I found myself finding my way to the Panaad 2011 entrance. He was holding my hand, so I won’t get lost. It was the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen. We were still in the entrance together with (I think) thousands of attendees.

It was almost 11PM and we’re going our way one step at a time (literally). The crowd was so tight, people were pushing each other. I thought I’ll be suffocated but when I felt his arms around me, I felt relieved. He made me feel secured and at ease in his arms. He was actually hugging me from the back, ‘protecting’ me from the crowd. At that very moment, no words were spoken but it seems I can hear his heartbeats saying something. We were amidst thousands but it seems we were alone- only him and myself. I can really feel the moment. It feels so good. Right there and then, underneath billions of stars in that Panaad sky, I can feel that he’s the right one for me. I told myself I would not let the feeling pass. The indescribable feeling is one of a kind.

(Haaay! No wonder why he is so proud! He feels that you are so much head to foot in love with him! Eeeerrrr)

12AM— as the sparks and fascinating lights of Panaad fireworks lightened up the sky, he spelled in my back with his finger the words “I L-O-V-E Y-O-U”. I was stunned; I can feel my hands turning cold and my lips quiver. He drew a hesitant smile in his face. I can feel that he was nervous too. He was staring at me. His eyes full of emotions. He held my hands, kissed them and said the words. My heart beats faster and as if the world stood still. I loved him. I loved him even before he told me he feels the same. And would not let him wait, I couldn’t. I know life is so short to waste any minute. I hugged him. He was so happy, I was happier.
Everything changed after that night. I wake up every morning with a smile. I was so inspired to go to work knowing we will eat lunch together. I mingled with his friends. We were happy and so much in love. We started to make memories together and cherish every minute that we shared in Sonedco.
ust like any other love story, ours was not exempted from the trials and problems. For several nights, I cried over the phone while we’re discussing about an issue. I’ve heard from a friend that there is a rumor against me. I’ve learned that some people, who cared for him, questioned the purity of my love. From then on, I can feel that something is going wrong. Perhaps they thought ours was just out of whirlwind romance and my intentions are not good. I stayed calm though my heart is breaking inside. I was so hurt; the pain crushing me badly. In the office, I acted as if everything is alright even though deep inside I want to cry my heart out. I was about to lose self-confidence. I felt so small. He never failed to make me feel better. He explained everything to me and I promised to myself that sooner, I will prove them wrong. I understand them. I could not blame them for thinking that way. They’re not that bad; they are just protecting their friend. We survived that crisis. He fought for me and I fought with him. The issues faded like bubbles in air and our life continued. (After 6 years, I know why they acted that way! LOL You (22 year old Antonia) were over the top! So immature! LOL)

We won 2nd prize. HR requested that we take a pose. They had this picture framed.
October 8, 2011—I was about to face another life-changing challenge in my life. He was there when I struggled to take the review classes while I work. He arranged everything for me- turning things easier for me though he is sacrificing a lot. He has given me inspiration. He has given me strength to stand up after my failure and fearlessly re-take the CPA board exams. He taught me to be strong. He taught me that it’s not the responsibility of the world to protect me from all this life’s pain. I have to fight with a strong heart in order to survive the competition and win over this ‘cruel’ world. He taught me everything that I need to know. (Everything talaga? Hahaha) And when I felt tired in computing for the solution in the actual board exams, his face popped up in my mind telling me not to stop. Failing is not an option. With him, I studied hard and prayed harder. I passed. 

(Side Note: February 2012 – When I wrote this) We’re back to living our normal life together. We’ve just turned 10 months. Indeed, things to come are still uncertain but I am sure our love for each other is for real. It is up to us how we are going to nurture the love and make it last. Perhaps it is true that GOD has destined someone for all of us, but it is up to us how to keep that person. As we continue to cherish each day of our relationship, we will not last a day without telling each other how much he/ she is loved. For me and my partner, every day is a valentine's day. 

Note for today 9/25/2017: The 22 year old version of myself was so dreamy. Though the above story did happen, the 22 year old version Antonia should have not divulge all those feelings and submitted to a contest where every employee of the company can read! Huhuuh Lesson learned. Nonetheless, I will still be proud of myself for being so expressive. It takes so much courage to write and share this story. I will not delete this. This is the start of our story and the next chapters will be published here soon. :)

Love Love Love,


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