Monday, November 14, 2016

JEEPNEY STORY: flying insect bumped my left eye

'Day Weng, duty ka today? Daan sana ako parlor for waxing/threading', I texted a friend who used to do my much-needed beauty must-have.
It's a Wednesday - 10:00AM already and I am in a jeepney on my way home from work.  Same daily routine but what makes it special for this week is that I will be seeing my beau on Friday after four months of being away from each other.

I am in a long distance relationship for 2 years now and it gets exciting as time goes by. OFCOURSE, it is not fun when he is away and loneliness sometimes take over - making me feel so down, melancholic and moody. Before moving here in Makati, we were in the same workplace and we enjoyed being together for three (3) strong and happy years.
Well, so much for the love story- I will have it in other posts Haha!
The jeepney is now approaching N. Garcia street but I have not received any response from Weng. I decided to re-schedule the next day. Anyway, I still have one more day before Bryan arrives. My tummy is sending some weird noises signaling that I need to take breakfast plus lunch before I plunge on my bed.

My phone shows 11:15AM and I have yet to take my brunch. I then received a response from Weng saying that she will be out tomorrow and I should visit the parlor today, if possible. I hustle to finish my meal and freshen up.

In 45minutes, I am by the village's gate waiting for another jeepney to take me to the parlor. Without asking if its route includes N. Garcia, I rushed to hop on one with few passengers. I realized that I have not checked the signages and its destinations. I felt timid and kept quite rather than asking one of the passengers or the driver if the jeepney will pass by N. Garcia. I resolved to just drop off the nearest intersection if ever. Yes, one of my 'lazy-and-I-dont-want-to-interact' days.

I looked around me and noticed that most of the passengers are students in their uniform. Clock is about to hit 1:00pm and I thought they may be going back to school at this time. A lady is dozing while leaning her head on the shoulder of a guy - perhaps her boyfriend. In the opposite side, a guy in his mid-40s is holding on his lap a carton with holes and I can see a rooster peeking. The rooster is making a weird sound. It's so weird that it crows at this time of the day. It has caused the lady to startle and straighten up on her seats. I smiled.

Luckily, the jeep is bound to pass by the parlor so I don't need to worry walking for few meters under the afternoon heat. I can feel that the jeepney is moving quite fast so I immediately called out to the driver to halt. In the distance, I can see the traffic light turns red so I rushed to get out of the vehicle. I raised my left hand to hold onto the bars to avoid tripping because I know the jeepney may jolt anytime. My right hand is holding a hanky covering my mouth and nose. Halfway out, I saw an insect passing through the vehicle and it's flying its way towards me. My reflexes failed to do the 'The Flash' stunt with the thought that the jeep might move and I may trip off. The unrecognized insect hit my left eye! Boom! I immediately wipe it with my hanky in my right while holding on the bar with my left hand.

How I fold my eyelids.

I am sure the passengers witnessed what happened and I got off the vehicle still wiping my eye. The insect is not that small so I was thinking it should have not entered my eye. But, something is still irritating my left eye. It is hard to open or close because I can still feel something 'piercing' through though it is not painful.

I entered the parlor and walked directly to the nearest mirror stand while I speak to the lady who opened the door that I am scheduled to see Weng. Checking on the mirror, I could not see any insect or any part of it on my eye. I opened it wider to see but none. I can fold my lids so I did to check if there is something inside. Nothing.

I entered the adjacent room and I can see that Weng is about to finish a pedicure session with another customer. I requested to use the Comfort Room to splash my eye with water. I did but to no avail. My left eye started to redden and the feeling of something piercing is bothersome though tolerable. Weng followed me and checked on my eye. She advised that I should not touch it anymore to avoid further irritation. I splashed it with water three times.

During the session, I can still feel something inside my left eye. Weng informed me that the eye is already red. Perhaps there is really something inside. 1:30pm and I returned to my room with no-hair armpits and beautifully sculpted brows BUT red left eye! I freshen up again and followed my beauty regimen before going to sleep. There is still something bothering my left eye but I ignored it.

Taken after hospital visit.

I woke up around 10:00pm and checked on myself. I can still feel something on the left eye. I closed the right eye and confirmed that my left eye is still seeing clear. I left my bed and rushed to the mirror. The whitish part of my eye is not that red but I can still feel a somewhat 'sharp' something on it. I again folded the skin on my eyeldid. I checked several times and I could not see any foreign object. After unfolding the skin, I can see a small dot of red forming on the left side of the sclera (white part of the eye). The red dot is somehow starting to grow bigger. I panicked! I was on the phone with Bryan when this happened. I immediately said goodbye so I can take my shower and clean my eye.

Before I grab my towel, I sat down on my bed. I can something weird on my body. My hands are starting to feel cold as well as my feet. I was thinking of bad stuff like what if a strand of the insect's hair or any part of it is venomous or what and it will pass through my blood vessels. I was overthinking! I blamed myself for folding the skin again for it seems to push something inside and caused trauma on my veins in the eye. I walked back and forth inside my room to keep my consciousness for I can feel that it seems that I will collapse. This can't be happening! My surroundings is gradually turning dark. It is so weird and I think I am overwhelmed with emotions - nervousness and anxiety! Or, it is possible that this is caused by sudden movement when I jumped off my bed. I am alone and I can't just let my emotions overtake my consciousness. I did the following:
1. Drank water.
2. I sat on my bed while pressing the part of my hand - in between the pointing finger and the thumb so I can feel pain on that part and somehow regain full consciousness.
3. I thought Biogesic can help. I took one.
4. I hurriedly pulled out the Omega Pain killer bottle on my medicine kit while the darkness is starting to engulf my sight. I poured an ample amount on my hands and rubbed against each other. I placed both hands on my nose and inhaled deep.
5. I calmed down. I took deep breaths. I have recovered.
When it is time for shower, I did the following which I should have done before I go to sleep:
1. Gently splashed my eye with water.
2. I pooled water on both hands and when its full, I submerged my left eye in the water, opened and rolled .
3. I did the process several times until I saw a black speck on my eye. I immediately took it out with a towel. It is like a part of the insect. It is on my eye while I was asleep!! Scary!

I still reported for work that night but I can still feel something bothering my left eye. In the morning around 7, I was advised by our doctor to have my eye checked in Makati Medical Center (as soon as possible) to be sure. I left the office and rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, no Ophthalmologist is on standby so they just checked my vital signs and referred me to the nearest Intellicare-accredited clinic: Aventus. However, I will have to wait for an eye doctor until 2:00pm so I requested to be checked by any doctor available that time (around 8:30AM).
It highly recommended to visit the nearest hospital if symptoms persist.

Doc confirmed that there is no foreign object on my eye based on the tool he was using (a specialized mini flashlight). He noticed that there is micro-bleeding on the Sclera (white part of the eye) and will possibly go away in 2-3 days. It is as if my eye got bumped and somehow traumatized my veins. He then prescribed an eye drop to help in the inflammation.

On my way home, I realized that I have been preparing for four months to look beautiful in the eyes of my fiancĂ© when we finally meet. Haha! Then this incident happened couple of days before he arrives! Just wow!
We attended a wedding on Saturday. Bryan serves as the Best Man.

It's the fifth day today since the incident and my left eye has healed. Yey! Very little redness left on the obvious veins in the Sclera. Bryan has arrived in Negros safe this morning. We had a very happy weekend! We'll see each other again in 10 days. You know, I think he still finds me pretty even with the red eye. Haha!
Happy in-love and getting well,


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