Monday, October 21, 2013

Facebook down

Do I hear panic in the net? I though it was just my account having a problem so I have to go out and log in again.

October 21- Around 7:50 pm in the Philippines, Facebook users could not update status with the error message:

Millions of user have noticed this problem and already send their concern to Facebook management but no response yet. System outage is a common issue especially to site like Facebook and Twitter. Even with postings using iPhone app, it seems to have no problem but your status actually is not published. 

Twitter users have been clamoring and Facebook down is now trending. See related comments:

Although, I hope this is just temporary, I kinda want to scream and thought of the downfall of Friendster. Waaaaah! Okay, calm down. Facebook will be back in a while, just taking some rest.

Get well soon Faceboook,


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